‘Completely slipped my mind sorry’ – sounds familiar?
Write down everything you plan to do for the day. Making lists are a powerful habit to integrate to your everyday routine. Checking tasks  and marking them off – a great way to monitor and keep under control even the smallest things that you have planned for the day. This will also help you to figure out future actions. Come up with your own system of records – whether it is distributing tasks by the time of the day, the degree of urgency or importance. Set your priorities, deadlines and do not forget to take short breaks!


Some women think to reach the top of their careers, they have to remind Miranda from ‘Devil wears Prada’. But here at Blix, we don’t think so. The successful women we have met through our magazine, and in our everyday lives have a very friendly and positive attitude and upbeat personality.


Always be on time! Punctuality – is one of the key attributes of a successful woman. Doesn’t matter if it’s a business meeting or lunch with friends. Being punctual shows respect towards and consideration for others. It will also help you manage things efficiently in other areas of your life.


Successful women do not get stuck at their desk 24/7. They take time to chat to people over coffee breaks, and socialize with co-workers after work to establish important connections, find inspiration and feel stress-free.

10 Things Successful Women Do Every Day


Whether it is a work content, bookmarks from blogs or photos from Facebook, we recommend to create an order of folders and files on your computer. An organised system makes it easy to find everything you and your manager might need in no time. Because successful women know how to dominate the chaos!


If you want your head to function better than others, don’t forget to take care of your body. Find time for regular exercise, eat clean and sleep enough. If you do not take care of yourself, your work will suffer.


It may sound contradictory now,but if you want to be successful it is important to do something unrelated to your work everyday. Whether it is a french manicure, friends or some hobbies – it should be something you enjoy doing outside work.  Doing something you love will help you to relax, freshen your mind and get inspired!


Learning something new every day. Improve yourself personally and professionally, all the time. Attend business conferences, network with industry people, take part in lectures and master classes – and make sure you apply new skills and knowledge in workplace.


Having a little encouragement that works for you is important. So, create the one that motivates you. Repeat it every morning and whenever you need a mental boost.


Make your objectives as specific as possible, so you can always refer back to them. Create a wish map, or simply make a list of everything you desire to achieve in short and long term. Keep it where you will see it each morning. Dream big and you’ll get there!