1. Spend more time around people that both challenge and respect you.

2. Drink your coffee black.

3. Read more. Especially things you disagree with.

4. Do what you say you’ll do. 

5. Learn something from everyone.

6. Find things that inspire you and pursue them, even if there’s no money in it.

7. As soon as you can, buy some art.

8. Don’t take anything personally, ever.

9. Take cold showers. They’re better than coffee.

10. Say no to projects you don’t care about.

11.Find mentors. Just don’t call them that.

12. Bring a bottle of wine.

13. Do what’s most important first thing in the morning, before you check email.

14. Get a library card.

15. Don’t buy a lot of stuff, and only buy the stuff you really love.

16. Fill up your passport with stamps no one has ever seen.

17. Always remember those who helped you. Deliver two or three times as much value back.

18. Meet with friends more often than you think you have to.

19. Walk more.

20. Find ways to cheat the system– just don’t cheat people.

21. Fill your life with things and people you are passionate about.

22. Save a little too often.

23. Worry less.

24. Make your food organic as much as you can.

25. Smile more.

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