3 Little-Known Benefits Of Exercise

When people focus on the benefits they stand to achieve through exercise, the focus is overwhelmingly on fitness and weight. To an extent, that’s easy to understand – these are undoubtedly the areas that stand to benefit in the most obvious way if you commit to a proper fitness regime. If you’re in need of a boost to keep you going back to the gym time and time again, then seeing the pounds fall off your waistline and increasing your fitness stamina is usually plenty of motivation though.

It’s not the only motivation, however. There are a few benefits of exercise that few people focus on, despite the fact they in and of themselves have the ability to be life-changing. If you feel the need for a boost to keep you on the right exercise track, then this could be just what you need to pep up your dedication.

3 little known benefits of exercise

1) Exercise Helps You Stay Younger For Longer

In a world where youth is a prized commodity, anything that is meant to help keep us younger for longer is fallen on with grateful praise. While there’s a thousand and one different skincare creams promising to fix your aging concerns, it’s actually exercise that stands to help you the best.

The scientific rigor on this one is absolute. Exercise ‘hacks’ – for want of a better word – your DNA, helping to keep you feeling younger for as long as possible. Moderate exercise and yoga work well if this is a benefit you can’t wait to get your hands on.

2) Exercise Improves Your Skin

There’s no doubt about this one, either. If you struggle with skin conditions, then it could be that you need to get sweating to fix the problem. Sweat helps to clear pores, meaning that periods of intense, short cardiovascular workouts like the RPM training and spin class could get you sweating your skin concerns away.

Try and stick to short bursts as with the aforementioned exercise, and always wash and exfoliate your facial skin when the class is done. Not only is sweat going to be beneficial, but the increased blood flow thanks to short-but-intense exercise is also going to help your skin detoxify far quicker than it otherwise would.

3) Your Hair Will Grow Faster

Talking of that increased blood flow, it’s not just going to be your facial skin that benefits from a moderate and regular exercise regime. Hair follicles are more active when they receive extra stimulation. That’s why if you’re trying to grow your hair, you’ll be told to massage your scalp – it really does make a difference.

Exercise is just another way of achieving the same goal. Get your heart pumping and your blood moving quicker, and your hair follicles are going to respond. While you might not be Rapunzel in a matter of weeks, with a sustained regime, you should see an increase in both hair growth speed and thickness after around three months.

So while exercise is about getting fit and maintaining a healthy weight, there’s plenty of other reasons to keep you going back to the gym!