3 Ways To Find The Best Candidate For Your Company

Perhaps you’ve opened and re-opened this vacancy for an important position at your organisation countless times. Perhaps you’ve always made the same mistake of hiring somebody who you thought was the right fit, but ended up being a disappointment, or left when they decided the company really wasn’t for them at all.

It can be hard to find the right candidate for your business, but there are better ways to carry out the recruitment process if you know the right places to look, the right people to ask and the criteria you should really be looking for when you’re choosing between several potential candidates to hire.

So, where should you begin? How do you find the very best employees for positions at your workplace?

How do you find the very best employees for positions at your workplace? Read on to find out.

  • LinkedIn

Your ideal candidate is out there somewhere, but, whilst it happens for some companies, in most cases the person you’re looking for isn’t going to stumble across your job opening by chance. In most cases, you’re going to have to search for yourself. Consider the ideal demographic, qualifications, experience, but also that drive and determination at the very core of your business. In so many cases, the chosen candidate is not the one with the most impressive CV, but the one with the most impressive understanding and desire to succeed in the actual position.

LinkedIn is a great website to use for seeking ideal ‘potential’ candidates for an interviewing process. Whilst you may not be able to make a decision there and then, as the internet only offers a glimpse of a person and is just one step of many in the process, you might find that the referrals and endorsements employees can offer to one another on the site gives you more an impression of people’s social standing. A CV tells you what a person thinks of themselves, but LinkedIn tells you what fellow colleagues or old employers thought of a candidate. This is highly valuable information, as it is harder for facts to be smudged when a large number of people can vouch for somebody.

  • Recruitment Agencies

Seeking a new candidate is time-consuming and, often, utterly exhausting. This is especially the case when so many candidates end up submitting a brilliant CV, but then disappointing by displaying no knowledge of the position or the company when they come into your office for an interview.

There are better ways to find candidates, however. Not only do recruitment agencies help to cut down costs in terms of money and time spent seeking the best new employees for your business, but their headhunters can help you to actually find the best person suited for your position. They’re dedicated to helping individuals, based on their personality and job suitability, find the best-suited company for them. There’s no generalised hiring spree. Everything and everyone is hand-picked.

  • Different Locations

Potential candidates, and often the most exciting ones are recent graduates, may feel a little lost and hesitant when faced with a huge world of job opportunities, but the difficulties that come with trying to acquire them. Because of this, many candidates don’t extend their reach in terms of geographic location. Post your job listing across a wider location and, much like a fisherman, you might find that you catch better fish.

Remember, if you’re struggling to find the best employee for your position, it might also be because they’re not searching in the right place. Think in the way a job seeker thinks, and you’ll be able to find the candidate you’ve been looking for.

George Austin