30-30-40: The Percentages You Should Focus On When Job Hunting

Searching for a new job can often be a stressful experience. You might know you would be amazing at the job you want, but trying to persuade your potential employer of that, just by a CV and a cover letter, is no easy feat. What you ultimately want is a foot in the door so you can make an impact. So just how do you go about the whole job hunting process? One way is to apply the 30-30-40% rule to the whole procedure. This means spending 30% of your time searching online for jobs. 30% of your time networking for a new career. And 40% of your time focusing on interview techniques and selling yourself. Let’s put this into practice!

What you should focus on when job hunting. Read on to find out more.Photo: Pixabay

30% Job Hunting

How you conduct online job hunting will certainly depend on what industry you are interested in. For example, if your skills lie in science and technology you will want to search for jobs on sites such as Hyperec. Whereas if you’re looking for event based positions, you may search specific hotels or event companies that post jobs on their company websites. For hair and beauty you’ll want to search career websites solely focused on this industry and the same goes for hospitality. To save time on job boards, a lot of sites offer you the opportunity to upload your CV. This will make the application process much quicker, so take the time to do it. Also, save time on scouring every job by setting the criteria to your exact fit. This may be a certain salary you want or part-time/full-time hours. Don’t waste all of your job hunting time scouring job boards. There are many other ways to find opportunities. Use 30% of your time to maximum effect so that you can exploit the rest of your time wisely too.

30% Networking

Successful networking can lead to fantastic leads for new jobs, so don’t dismiss it as something too time consuming to take on. If you network properly, you have the chance of finding out about job openings before the general public does. You may also be able to get a recommendation from the person you found the information out from. This puts you one step ahead of competition already. Keep your LinkedIn profile up to date and interesting. This is a great way to reach out to potential employers and catch their eye. Always check on this site for new jobs that are posted in your area of expertise. Make sure to maintain professional relationships over long periods of time with people that you know are going places. But don’t just use them for short-term gain. People aren’t silly. Stay in contact over the years to make the most of your networking connections. Even if you are looking for a new job, make time to socialize with your current colleagues. You never know who you may meet as a friend-of-a-friend who may be able to help you.

What you should focus on when job hunting. Read on to find out more!

Photo: Pixabay

40% Interview

Many people don’t spend enough time preparing for an interview, believing that their CV says it all. But employees are not only looking for a competent skill set but also a rapport with their potential employee. Fluff your interview and you’ve probably lost the job. Always make sure you have a stylish and corporate office outfit ready for the big day. And learn as much about the company as you can. Never forget the names of your interviewers, and use them at least once during the process. Don’t give run of the mill answers. Make yourself stand out in a good way by making an impact. Always ask questions and be enthusiastic. And always be prepared to retell specific stories about accomplishments and challenges you have overcome in your current job. And invest time into following up after the interview with an email stating how keen you are.