5 Quick and Easy Ways to Make Your Wedding Feel More Personal

A wedding is a pretty momentous occasion for even the most shy and retiring of souls out there. Perhaps you feel as though you’ve been waiting your whole life for this one day or you’re more of a last minute kind of girl (or boy). Keeping things as authentic and personal as possible will always be a priority.

Browse our tips on simple ways to inject a quirky touch into your wedding. Maybe handmade decorations will turn out to be your thing. Or perhaps channelling the rustic country-living feel through your wedding cake choice. However you choose to get personal,  everyone will be left with a lovely little insight into yours and your partner’s personalities!

5 Quick and Easy Ways to Make Your Wedding Feel More Personal

1. Add a little handcrafted magic

Fuss-free, low-maintenance and undeniably kitsch, handmade décor brings a homely feel to any wedding. Start collecting leftover jam jars a few months early to fill with enchanting fairy lights or tea lights. Perhaps consider transcribing guests’ names on oversized bay leaves as escort cards. Or maybe even save money on signage with some chic handwritten chalkboards.

2. Let your guests play the photographer with Polaroid cameras

There’s something effortlessly cool about the vintage hues of a Polaroid photograph. Indulge that old soul by distributing Polaroid cameras to every table (with film ready, of course), so guests can snap away. Set up a little photography corner, simply made of string and mini clothes pegs. Guests can hang up their developed pictures and leave a personalised message for the happy couple.

5 Quick and Easy Ways to Make Your Wedding Feel More Personal

3. Personalise your wedding invitations to your heart’s content

Finding bespoke wedding invitations at a reasonable price can be somewhat of a challenge. There is often a trade-off between a professional and handmade finish. Visit Pure Invitation for personalised wedding invitations that come in an easy-assemble DIY kit. This means you can design your invites exactly as you choose while ensuring an effortless, premium-quality invite finish.

4. Get social media friendly

Help your guests to link up with other guests before and after the wedding with guesterly. Compatible with your social media accounts to drag and drop images, you can create your very own mini-magazine for your wedding day. Fun facts are pulled in about all those involved in your wedding party. You could even add a mini magazine to each of your guests’ party favour bags. The result is a unique take-home treat for all the participants to look back on in years to come!

5 Quick and Easy Ways to Make Your Wedding Feel More Personal

5. Opt for a naked wedding cake for the ultimate homemade feel

Somewhat questionably named, but unquestionably kitsch, a naked wedding cake brings a homemade aesthetic. It looks lovingly and thoughtfully baked. Choose a design with fresh fruit on display and beautiful dustings of icing sugar. Welcome guests into your very own home from home and nail the rustic, country wedding vibe with these additional ideas.

Now you’ve got the finishing touches sorted, all there is to do is sit back, relax and look forward to a wedding that has got your personality nailed.