5 Unique Activities to Experience in London

London has a massive selection of sights, historical locations and attractions to visit. While these are all engaging for the average tourist, trying some of the city’s more unique activities — from paintball to alternative museums — will make it a trip to remember.

The UK’s capital is one of the world’s most visited cities, just missing on the top spot (damn you, Bangkok!). Although London’s history and culture are key selling points of the city, the vast range of activities is the exciting variable to make a good trip into a great trip. The following five activities are some of the more unexpected, yet unforgettable ways to spend your time in London.

1. Alternative Museums

London is a city that fully embraces the wonder of museums. Artistic masterpieces, historical artefacts and technological genius take centre stage in a range of engaging museums. If you prefer your wonder with a dose of bizarre, London also has some alternative and unusual museums that shouldn’t be missed.

You can step back in time with a visit to the Churchill War Rooms, experience the unique atmosphere of London Bridge’s Old Operating Theatre, or embrace your inner detective at 221b Baker Street (Sherlock Holmes’ residence and museum). The capital has unusuality by the bucket load and, while some exhibits are just weirdly engaging, there’s plenty of opportunities to learn along the way.

2. Paintball

For this generation, extreme sports have become as popular as any other leisure activity. Among these activities, paintball stands alone in a brilliant category of its own and is something that will undoubtedly make your trip to London a unique experience. You won’t have to travel far from the inner city to find yourself in rural surroundings, fully immersed in the fast-paced action of outdoor paintball.

Paintball offers an experience that’s difficult to rival. Authentic combat scenarios and expertly-designed battlefields provide the blueprint for a memorable day out. Aside from being ridiculously good fun, paintballing benefits from being suitable for a wide age range, making it the ideal choice for an exciting family outing.

3. Bike Tours

London is among many large European cities that are iconic for cycling. The hustle and bustle of the streets and jam-packed public transport have made pedal-power a very appealing way to commute. Using a bike as your primary form of transport isn’t a bad way to keep fit, either.

For tourism, cycling has become a novel and unique way of exploring a city. In London, you can embark on a range of bike tours to see the sights from a saddle. Not only is this a unique way to explore your surroundings and get around the city with ease; it also allows you to stay at street level and get a real sense of London’s culture.

4. Zorbing

Zorbing, much like paintball, is definitely difficult to compare to any other activity. The basic principle is to get from point A to B, point A being the top of a hill and point B being the bottom. Sounds simple, right? The reason why it varies from anything else you can think of is that the vehicle of choice is a gigantic inflatable orb, which you go inside and proceed to roll down a hill in.

Although you will be well protected inside the orb, rolling around London’s busy streets wouldn’t be very safe or very fun. Luckily, though, there are some more secluded areas of the capital where you can try Zorbing for yourself. Your surroundings designed to keep the orbs on track and keep you rolling towards your destination — hopefully!

5. Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping is very much a bucket list-style activity. People often experience the sheer insanity and brilliance of a bungee jump while on holiday, in places where a landmark or structure is high enough to cater the jump safely. So it may surprise you that you can experience a bungee jump in London.

The adrenaline-rushing plummet is situated right next to the O2 Arena, so before you jump, you’ll have a wonderful view of the city. As you can imagine, such a unique activity is very popular, so you should book beforehand to avoid disappointment.

George Austin