Ali Trowsdale

Ali Trowsdale - Fit&FlexiBlix chat to Ali Trowsdale – the founder of Fit & Flexi – 2-in-1 Fitness & Flexibility workout for busy Londoners.

Fit & Flexi combines an energetic cardio workout with dynamic and static stretches designed to tone, increase muscle definition and improve flexibility.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Born in London, dancing and performing since the age of 3, I’m trained in every genre of dance. I couldn’t sit still as a child and not much has changed!! I am a personal trainer, dance and fitness instructor and nutritional advisor. I’m also a total science geek! I’m very interested in anatomy, physiology and nutrition and started pursuing a career as a research scientist in academia after graduating from University with a degree in Biology. I have so much energy I don’t know what to do with myself!

What does a typical day look like for you?

I’m a total morning person! I jump out of bed at the crack of dawn, turn up the tunes and dance around before heading out for a quick run! Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day – flavour of the moment is eggs, avocado and smoked salmon! As a nutritional advisor I’m a real foodie! Then I’m off to train clients all over London – I just love this urban jungle! You might find me stretching clients in Hyde Park, bespoke gyms or in their own homes. I schedule personalised one to one training inbetween teaching my signature Fit&Flexi classes at Pineapple Dance Studios in Covent Garden. Watch out for some Fit&Flexi Pop up parties in the park this summer!

What made you take a leap and start Fit&Flexi?

It was my dream. I took a leap of faith and quit the lab to share my passion for fitness and dance full time. Deciding to leave academia to embark on a new career wasn’t an easy decision, but I was immediately committed and hugely excited by the lifestyle change. I wanted to promote a holistic approach to healthy living and having a blast while exercising. No more dreading going to the gym but enjoying every second of the endorphin rush – and that’s my vision behind Fit&Flexi.

What was the inspiration behind launching Fit&Flexi?

Working out be fun and still get you awesome results!

I wanted to devise an all encompassing exhilarating workout which combined the 3 aspects of dance and fitness, cardio, strengthen and flexibility while being swept away to great music. Fit&Flexi has a lot of science behind it to make it efficiently effective. I want my clients to have the best time possible while achieving incredible results! I plan the workouts so that every muscle in the body is worked! You leave feeling taller, leaner, stronger and with a huge smile on your face!

Tell us about Fit & Flexi

Turning up the tunes to pimp your workout Fit&Flexi is a pulse raising party at Pineapple! Split into sections this 1 hour class has 3 workouts – sweat, strengthen and stretch! Perfect for busy Londoners

Sweat – This ultimate sweat session will have you dancing around the studio as if you’re on a night out with your besties, drunk on endorphins in this Happy Hour… No hangover!

Strengthen – After high intensity calorie destroying cardio to get your heart-racing prepare to strengthen & tone your 3A’s – Arms, Abs, & Ass the Ali way to all the best beats!

Stretch – Once you’ve got a booty like Beyoncé & your muscles are worked to fatigue we take to the mat for a deep stretch. Perfecting your posture & lengthening your lean limbs. You’ll strut down the catwalk, I mean out of the studio feeling exhilarated with a huge smile on your face after the well earned relaxation & chillout at the end of the class.

What are the benefits of flexibility?

As a dancer you want to be strong and supple. Maintaining flexibility is very beneficial to everyone, not just dancers. According to the American College of Sports Medicine flexibility is an aspect of health that many people neglect. Yet, a flexible body is more efficient, sees more gains in strength and endurance, is less injury-prone, recovers more quickly, enjoys more range of motion and simply makes you feel better.

When you are not busy working, what do you like to do to unwind and relax?

I’m a total foodie and love baking not-so-guilty treats. I’m nuts about Bliss Balls a mix of raw cacao, dates, almonds and coconut. Yummy. I’m always trying to make tasty sugar, gluten and dairy free recipes. As a nutritional advisor and personal trainer I practice what I preach and believe in living a totally holistic healthy lifestyle.

Any tips on what to eat before and after the workout?

Peanut butter – anytime, any place, anywhere! At least an hour before a workout I grab a banana & a green tea for a hydrating, natural energy boost. After working out it is best to eat protein within 30 minutes to an hour, that’s when the blood rushes to your muscles allowing your body to build and repair them. Another excuse for peanut butter…?

What do you like to wear to workout in? 

I love a crop top, a playful pair of leggings and high impact trainers – the brighter and bouncier the better. For Fit&Flexi clients wear whatever is comfortable and allows room for stretching!

What would be your one piece of advice for women wanting to take the plunge start their own business?

If you love it – do it!! You’ve got to love it… because to make it work you have to put your whole self into it!

Get your Fit&Flexi happy fix every Monday lunchtime 12-1pm & evening 8-9pm at the famous Pineapple Dance Studios! Everyone is welcome whether you want to perfect your splits or just touch your toes!