Eyes are the mirror of the soul and your business card. Therefore, they require special attention and care.

Whether it’s for office or party, eyeliner will help to emphasize your beautiful eyes and hide all the flaws. However, most of us twenty something women still don’t know how to perfect the basics. 

If you’re still unsure about how to apply eyeliner then this article will give the right advice for you. 

Eyeliner can define the shape of your eyes yet it can change the shape of your eyes. If this is your first time using eyeliner then we recommend you stick to the basics of just practicing a straight line before moving on to shaping the line. You need to know what type of eyeliner you want to use before you can get practical.

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Liquid liner is the easiest to use as it glides onto the sensitive skin of your eyelids whereas pencil can drag the skin and make it harder for you to achieve a strong line. If you want the line to be thicker and straighter then we recommend you choose liquid. 

If you choose liquid liner then we recommend you go for one that has a nib to it, a brush may be harder to use for first timers.

However, if you just want to highlight your waterline or touch up your lash line then pencil eyeliner is the right one for you.

For a dramatic look to make a line from the upper eyelid thicker, draw an arrow or pencil to blend the effect of smoky eyes. Pencil can also be used on the inside of the lower eyelid – this makeup is perfect for a party. 

Once you’ve decided what type you want to use you need to decide on the colour. The two main colours are black and brown. If you want more of a subtle look then go for brown however if you want the line to look bolder then black will do the trick.

Now you’ve decided what type and colour you want to use, here are X simple steps for you to get started:

Make sure the eye area is clean and there is no other traces of makeup so you can see what you’re doing.

You’ll also need to be in natural light when you start applying the eyeliner.

If you’re using liquid liner then take out the nib/brush and dab it on the side to get rid of excess liquid.

Start closer to the lash line and carefully glide it from the inside towards the end of the lash line.

If you feel the line is to thin then lightly glide over it again to make it thicker. Some people prefer to close their eye when applying eyeliner whereas others either pull the lid down or just do it normally, it all depends on what you prefer.

 Once you’ve got the line you want repeat it on the next eye. Also, always have a wipe handy.

If you want to line the lower lash line then place the tip near to the waterline but not too close as it’s quite sensitive.

Lightly run a line across the lash line and over again so you build up the colour.

 Personally, we recommend you use pencil to line the lower lash line as it is much easier to use. If you’re using pencil for the top as well as the bottom then lift the top lid of your eye up and draw near to the lash line. You can line the eyelid as well however it will be much harder then liquid so don’t panic if the line doesn’t look as prominent. Also, don’t worry if it doesn’t turn out right the first time, practice makes perfect. Try both out to see which one is right for your technique and ability.

It may take a while for you to find the product you know you’ll buy again but don’t worry, it’s out there somewhere. Now you know the basics of applying eyeliner you can start to venture into more styles such as cat eye and feline flick. It’s easy once you know how!