It’s the hairstyle of the season, the hairstyle every women lusts over and the hairstyle every quintessential it-girl plans on getting.

From Gisele Bundchen’s natural take on the look, to The Olsen Twins slightly more stylised approach, there’s no denying it… bohemian-esque beach waves are back.

The timeless cut marks the beginning of spring/summer and captures festival-chic at it’s very best – bringing the spirit of Coachella, straight to the fields of Glastonbury. But unfortunately unlike our American counter-parts, not all of us are blessed with long textured waves. So, we’ve composed a list of 3 different methods on how you can get the ultra-stylish do in a nonchalant yet affordable way.

Natural Wavy Hair

For those who have naturally wavy hair, you can achieve beach-babe waves in 2 easy ways. The first being, cut it. Sure, it may sound simple, but a lot of us underestimate the power of layering. Ideal for giving locks volume, John Frieda’s Creative Consultant, Harry Josh, told Daily Makeover that shorter layers should frame the face in contrast to the back – which should all be left one length. To add movement and subtle curls in the hair, Harry also recommends using a round brush to create a free-flowing shape that’s the epitome of step-out-the-sea glam.

If a new cut doesn’t take your fancy then fake it. There are plenty of ‘spray and scrunch’ products on the market that can be applied to either damp or towel dried hair. Doing exactly what it says on the bottle is the Lee Stafford Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray (pictured left). Priced at £7.99 for 150ml, the spray is ideal for creating a tousled-style that adds lashings of bounce and body. Riddled with a complex blend of 26 minerals from Dead Sea Salt, not only with the product make you hair look good, but it also makes it feel good as, it doubles up as a fragranced moisturiser.

 Straight Hair

The simplest way to create beach waves if you have poker straight hair is by using either a curling wand or straighteners. Also speaking to Daily Makeover about how girls with fine hair could achieve the look, Harry Josh said: “I recommend using a tiny curling iron [1/2-inch], curling your hair really tight, and then going to bed. Then when you wake up you’ll have a good, natural-looking curl where you don’t see the curling iron lines or the marks of the curling iron.”

Alternatively you can a similar look with straighteners by taking small sections of hair and pulling down, rotating the iron in halfway turns. For maximum effect we recommend curling hair in various directions to give a messy, Vanessa Hudgens-style finish.

 Straight and Wavy Hair

In midst of the morning Starbucks-run and busy workload, it’s understandable that some girls won’t have the time for styling tools or products. If that’s the case you can prep the style, by sleeping with your hair in a damp or towel-dried bun. When morning hits all this method requires is a little TLC, where you brush your fingers through your newfound set of waves – it’s as easy as one, two, three.