Beginner Photography Course at The 36exp Photographer’s School

Review: Beginner Photography Course

You see all those beautiful images on your favourite blogs, Instagram– everywhere around. But how do you re-create them for yourself? The tips and tricks. Composition, mood. All those things in your camera manual that you’ve never looked at.

Last weekend we attended Beginner Photography course run by The 36exp Photographer’s School. Our photography instructor was Steve Franck, a professional photographer specializing in commercial and editorial portraits.

The day started off with introductions. It was a small sized class and after a brief discussion about each other’s backgrounds and interests, Steve took  took us through the key features of our DSLR cameras, as well as introduced us to photography by showing the works of different photographers from all over the world.

The morning was packed with a lot of information on how to use the main functions and work our way through apertures, shutter speeds, ISO, and other important basics. Besides that the atmosphere in the group was very light-hearted and fun, no question was considered stupid and Steve’s great sense of humour made the course feel more like a fun day out instead of school. 

After a lunch break at Borough Market, it was time to start practising all those things we’ve talked about in the classroom. We were given a few different tasks, each aimed to help us to practice our understanding of the exposure and composition on a manual mode. 

‘Remember ‘ it depends’. Photography is art. There are no right or wrong answers. But you gotta learn the rules before you can break them.’ says Steve, who has a wealth of knowledge and gave us enough information for it all to sink in and make sense. We left the course feeling inspired, and definitely more confident than ever before.  Great day all round!

Would  we recommend the course?


There are many photography courses out there, both online and offline. But if you want to get out there and get real hands-on experience to improve your photography skills, learn from fun and enthusiastic instructor who will go above and beyond to ensure you get what you want. Even if you have a fair grasp of your camera, there will be something in this course for you.

The next Beginner Photography course is on 22nd July and you can sign up here while there are still places left.

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed the course and would like to say a massive thank you to The 36exp Photographer’s School for the invite. All opinions are our own. 

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