Burberry introduced a new video for Burberry Acoustic.

«Mistakes» performed by singer Lizbet Sempa playing the piano.

18 year old Lizbet from South London combines pop, jazz and soul. According to her Facebook page, she is inspired by the passionate honesty of Nina Simone, cathartic lyricism of Cat Power and sophisticated pop of Sade.

Video shows Lizbet sing and play piano, in the house with large windows overlooking the garden. Camera shifts the angles, colors appear to be slightly muted with some sepia.

“I think music and fashion are intertwined,” says Christopher Bailey, Chief Creative Officer of Burberry. Bailey launched Burberry Acoustic in 2010 as an initiative to showcase young British artists. He personally selects them to cooperate in the project. They are dressed in Burberry clothes and shoot at the background of English pastoral landscapes.

Genres vary: jazz, soul , indie rock, Brit- pop, folk and new wave. In a group dedicated to the project, its described very simply: “The guitar , ukulele and violin.”

Find out more about Burberry Acoustic here