Turn Your Passion Into A Pay Cheque: Careers To Start In 2017

The New Year might just be the time for you to start thinking about your next career move. Whether you’re currently happy in your job, or you’ve been contemplating changing careers, the turn of the year could be perfect timing for you. If you have a hobby that you’re passionate about, have you ever thought about turning it into a business idea? All it could take is a bit of hard work, some training, and a little faith, and you could be turning your passion into a pay cheque within the next twelve months.

Start Teaching

If you love reading and writing, or history, or art, why not teach it? Having passion for a particular subject can make a person a great teacher. If you already have experience in the field, you might only need to gain a teaching qualification, which can take just one year, and you’re ready to go. So, if the idea of talking about and sharing knowledge of your passion sounds like a treat to you, it looks like you’ll be training to be a teach in 2017.

Become A Nutritionist

Sometimes, you feel so passionate about a subject, that you’d love to change people’s lives with it. That can be the case with a career as a nutritional therapist. You can turn your love of proper nutrition into a career. As a nutritionist, you’ll be able to work with clients to cure an ailment they may have as a result of lifestyle choices or improve the quality of a person’s life by showing them how to nurture their body with food.

Work Freelance

If you already work in a field that you love and you do a job that you excel in, why not think about branching out on your own in 2017? You could be an interior designer, makeup artist, or even a photographer, but be working for a big company or small business. If that’s the case, and you’ve always wanted to be your own boss, think about starting out on your own. Working freelance can be a really flexible job options and add a whole lot more enjoyment to a career you already love.

Become A Writer

If you’ve always loved reading and fancy yourself a bit of a wordsworth (but teaching doesn’t sound like a solution for you), then why not finally bite the bullet and try your hand at being a writer. You could attempt to write a novel and work on getting published, or you could become a journalist or blogger. Either way, if your passion is with words, make the leap next year!

Start Life Coaching

Perhaps your passion is for people and positivity. If you want to make a difference, have a career that is rewarding and change people’s lives, you could become a life coach. You may already have a great outlook on life and try your hand at being the local agony aunt or should to cry on in your friendship group. If that’s the case, then work on getting certified as a life coach (or even a careers coach or counselor), and you could be doing a job you love for the rest of your life.