Carving Out The Perfect US Wine Tour

Who doesn’t love a glass of wine? Add that to the experience of travelling all around one of the great countries, and you have a fantastic trip lined up indeed. The USA is home to a great many vineyards all across the country, and for the wine-lover with a penchant for travel this can be one of the best ways to get around. If you are planning a trip around the US, why not consider going from wine country to wine country? For that, of course, you will need to have a clear idea of which areas are best for producing wine; let’s have a look and see what we can discover on that front. Where in the USA should the avid wine drinker visit this year?


You simply could not have a list of US wine areas without mentioning California. The wine in this state is so perfectly and professionally produced that it is sent all over the world, and everywhere people know that California is one of the great wine spots globally. Some even argue that it is up there with Tuscany in Italy and the South of France. That is up for debate, but something you can’t argue with is that California is home to a huge range of vineyards, most of them sporting many different kinds of grape. White wine loves the sun, so it is hardly surprising that California produces some of the crispest Pinos known anywhere in the world. Make this the first pit-stop on your wine tour of the USA and you are bound to be delighted.


It is not often known for its wine, but Kentucky has the advantage of being something of an underdog in the world of wine. As anyone who has ever tasted Kentucky wine will tell you, it is extremely good. What’s more, this is such a beautiful state to visit that you won’t regret making it one of your major stops on the wine tour. You might also be surprised at just how many vineyards it has, something which becomes clear not long after stepping foot there. You can be staying at the Best Western Lawrenceburg Inn and find yourself surrounded by miles and miles of wine country – and for the beer drinkers travelling with you, there are plenty of breweries to visit as well.


There is plenty that wine grapes need in order to be as close to perfect as possible – and Oregon has such a huge number of the ideal conditions that you might never want to leave. Certain areas in particular are very adept at growing grapes, a good example being the Willamette Valley. With a cool climate, rainy winters and long daylight hours throughout the year, this is an ideal location for growing a sumptuous Pinot Noir. You will definitely not regret adding this to your list of places to visit on your wine tour. You might even follow in the footsteps of many before you, and claim that Oregon wine is some of the best in the world.