Quirky Careers That Can See You Go Places

Are you getting a bit sick of being stuck in the office from nine till five every day? Maybe a change in your career could help to liven things up for you? Just because you heard so much of office-based jobs when you were growing up, it doesn’t mean that…

Ultimate Feel Good Careers - Blix Magazine

Ultimate Feel Good Careers

Now, more than ever, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to careers.  Schools offering subjects to study such as photography or beauty at GCSE level means we are more aware, and better prepared, for a variety of super cool jobs.  Unfortunately this has lead to a shortage of…

're Not Getting The Job

4 Reasons You Are Not Getting Hired

Has your recent ‘thanks, but no thanks’ letter got you down? When the jobseeking blues hit, it’s easy to want to give it all up. But we’re going to ask you to put that off for now. Instead, we’re going to look at why you’re not getting the job, and…