How To: Choose a Perfect Foundation

 Picking the perfect foundation to make you look like you’re not wearing at all is a wish of every woman.

Today, we want to share expert tips finding your perfect foundation to achieve that flawless effect.

Step 1. Choosing the Colour

First and the most important step is choosing the right colour. Because if you don’t get it right, then it does not matter how good the texture of formula, its ingredients, consistency

The golden rule is it shouldn’t be the same colour as your face. If you have a rosy skin, avoid pinkish beige tones which is more suitable for women with yellowish skin. If your skin is dark, you should avoid beig tnoes as they will give your face a grayish colour  and choose dark beige or apricot shades. To select the perfect shade, you need to test it. Many people test concealers and foundation on their inner side of the wrists. This is a wrong thing to do, because our face are not the same colour as our hand.

You need to test it on the jawline and in natural light. Allow yourself 20 minutes for the product to dry and for your skin so you can see the effect it gives your face. If the colour darkens your skin too much, it will look artificial. If the tone is too light, you will look tired and pale.

Step 2. Choosing the Right Formula

With hundreds of brands and products out there, finding the right formula might look harder than ever. So, follow our tips and you’ll be surprised how easy this task is!

Once you know your skin type and colour, you need to choose the formula that fits your skin’s needs. For example, if you have dry skin, there’s no point in wearing a pressed powder foundation because it will only accentuate the dry areas — big no-no! And what about oily-skinned beauties? Well, you’re less prone to deep-set wrinkles in the future, but you probably have trouble getting your foundation to last all day right now. We’ve hand-picked the perfect foundation for five common skin types (yes sensitive, you included!), so click through to meet your perfect match.

Women with dry skin should look for moisturizing foundations with “hydrating” or “moisture-rich” wording on the bottle and avoid powder formulas altogether.

If your skin is oily, look for words like “oil-free,” “oil-control” or “matte-effect on the bottle.

Cream-to-powder bases work great for combination skin. Mineral foundations work well on all skin types, especially sensitive skin.

Keep in mind that most women’s skin type changes with the weather. In winter, you might be dry, while in summer you might be oily. Also, lots of women actually have combination skin, which means they are oily in the T-zone and dry everywhere else.

Step 3. SPF or No SPF?

You should always be looking for SPF when choosing a skin product. A good foundation should have at least an SPF15 in order to give you some coverage throughout the year. If your skin is not protected from the sun, you can damage your skin’s melanin which is the skin darkening pigment found on the first layer of your skin. Sun protection is important for your overall skin health, so don’t skip it!

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