Christmas in Copenhagen

As part of our ‘Christmas Destinations’ edition, today we are talking about the home of the Little Mermaid, Copenhagen!

The winter season is upon us and it’s a perfect time to start planning your winter holiday. With less than 7 weeks to go until Christmas, we will share the best getaway ideas, tips and deals every week on our special Blix Christmas Destinations edition. This week we will take you to Denmark – home to some of the world’s most famous Christmas markets.

Combining style and charm, Copenhagen is the ideal destination for a fabulous winter getaway.

Christmas travel guide to Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen’s well-known Annual Christmas Market takes place in Tivoli Gardens. One of the oldest amusement parks of Europe, Denmark’s Tivoli Gardens opened in 1843 with a variety of attractions, including a theatre, amusement rides, bandstands, and flower gardens. The park is usually open from April to December, and every year from mid-November until New Year it gets transformed into an enchanted winter tale. This year, as well as the last year, the main theme is Nordic Christmas traditions meets Russian Christmas. At the entrance you will see traditional Nordic decorations, small wooden houses, meet Julenissen (Santa) and reindeers. With all the snow falling you are in for a real nordic winter. Little further, you see mini-Russia and be greeted by Santa dressed in blue, accompanied by a nice lady dressed in white. Then you enter St. Basil’s Cathedral and you can take a ride on a small trans-Siberian railway.

Twinkling fairy lights, amusement rides, ornate wooden houses, elves, Christmas lights, inviting scents of mulled wine (Gløgg) and toasted almonds – this is a world you would want to return again, so make sure you get an annual card on your first visit. Please remember, the park is closed on 24th and 25th December. For more info,

Christmas travel guide to Copenhagen, Denmark

Wander around Strøget, Copenhagen’s mile-long shopping street, enjoying the Christmas stalls and festive cheer. The most famous markets are the ones at Nyhavn and Højbro Square. When you want to sway away from touristy bit of the city, choose the smaller streets such as Strædet, Sværtegade and the Latin Quarter (Pisserenden). Foodies should not miss the indoor food market – Torvehallerne. Its open 7 days a week and offers cupcakes, coffee, homemade bread and much more. Make sure you try æbleskiver, which are great little Danish pastries powdered with sugar and served with jam. Also, don’t miss out on the glögg, which is  mulled red wine mixed with spices and usually served warm. There is plenty to see in Copenhagen and if you want to learn more about Danish Christmas traditions check out the Weird Walks guided yours