What You Should Consider When Starting A New Job

There is nothing quite as nerve wrenching as heading to a job interview. The pressure you can feel or put on yourself can be immense. From worrying about whether you will fluff up your answers to hoping that you make a great impression, it can all feel consuming. But, nothing beats the feeling of getting that call and landing yourself the job. However, this doesn’t mean that the job is right for you. Sure you may have been all excited about the interview and the prospect, but what next?

Now you need to be realistic. Before accepting the job or at least before you start if you already have accepted you should consider some basic facts. At this point, you need to be realistic, as the last thing you want is a million jobs on your resume. With that in mind, here is what we think you should consider.

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The commute

First of all, there is the commute to think about. How long will it take you to get to your workplace each day? Will it be longer in the morning or at night? Are you planning on using a car or other methods of transport? Sometimes looking at this more closely may help you make an informed decision on not only the job but how you get there. Many time’s it’s quicker to head into a city on a train rather than sit in delays in a car. However, there can be situations where biking to work can offer incentives. Look at all the options and weigh up what would be best for you.

What You Should Consider When Starting A New Job. Read more on blixmagazine.com

The employee benefits

Sometimes a job can only be worth considering if there are benefits to you, the employee. This is because those benefits are designed and there to support you. That might be things like legal aid, or health related things. Sometimes employers have things in place from companies like www.healthassured.org. Offering programs and support for the employer. Some benefits could offer you incentive. Perhaps extra days off or cash bonuses for hitting targets. These are the things that will help you build a love for the company or brand you are working with. So it’s worth considering exactly what you get in return.

What You Should Consider When Starting A New Job. Read more on blixmagazine.com

The salary

It’s an obvious one, but you must consider the salary you are going to receive. This is because some jobs advertise a salary range and not the specific amount you may earn. You also need to clarify whether there is a bonus and what that scheme may be. You might not be realistically earning a bonus in your first year, so all of this needs your consideration. You need the exact figures so you can work out whether the job is a viable one you can take.

Your current cost of living

It may go hand in hand with your salary, but looking at your current cost of living will help you determine you will be no worse off taking the job. Unless of course you are prepared for that and want to do it for better job opportunities in the future. You need to look at all your outgoings and work out the amount you will take home each month as a minimum. Factor in the costs of the commute, and any other things you may need to pay out for. Including things like lunch etc. This will give you a specific figure and cost of living against the new job. Then you just need to work out whether the job is for you. There are some great tools to do this online on websites like www.time.com/money

What You Should Consider When Starting A New Job. Read more on blixmagazine.com

What work attire do you need?

Sometimes we don’t consider what work attire we will need. But each company has their own set of guidelines and rules when it comes to workwear. It’s worth knowing this in advance, so you don’t turn up on your first day looking inappropriate. Workwear tends to be much of the same, but some companies offer a dress down day sometimes, while others have a more relaxed approach to work attire. So make sure you find all of this out in advance. It may end up being an additional cost for taking on the role because of the clothes you will need to buy.

What’s in the job description

Applying for a job is one thing. But doing the job is a whole different ball game altogether. This is because you won’t know exactly what the job entails until you receive a job description. Often there will have been an overview at the interview. They may have covered what might be expected of you, but the purpose of that interview was to get the gist on you and your experience. Now it’s your turn to find out whether you are up to the job. Make sure you are comfortable with everything before accepting the role. The last thing you want is something that you won’t enjoy doing in the long term. Or at least be able to see the end goal in sight.

What You Should Consider When Starting A New Job. Read more on blixmagazine.com

Do you feel passionate about the job?

The last thing you do need to consider is how you feel about the job. The first thing will be working out your initial reaction to obtaining the job. Were you excited and proud of yourself? Or did you not feel much emotion at all? The next thing is working out everything above and making sure you are happy with every situation. Once you have ticked all the boxes the last question to ask yourself is whether this is what you want? Do you feel passionate about it? Sure, some of us go to work to earn money to pay the bills. Some of us want a career. But for the majority of us, we spend a good chunk of our time doing these jobs or working in these places, so we have to be able to say we like our roles. Life is too short to spend it in a job we hate five days a week. This should be something you can assertively answer. There should be no maybe’s or what if’s about it.

I hope this helps you if you find yourself in a situation where you have been offered a new job. Sometimes in the heat of the moment and all of the excitement we can lose sight of what’s realistic. A reality check may not be something we all love to do, but it’s essential to ensure we make the right decisions.

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