Don’t Let A Little Colour Bring You Down, Get Your Smile Back

Don't Let A Little Colour Bring You Down, Get Your Smile Back

Smiles play an important part in a woman’s confidence. They’re one of the first things that people tend to notice about you when they first see you. If you’re not confident in your smile, you might tend to hide it away, stopping you from truly enjoying being in the moment. You might feel like you have to constantly check yourself, always fighting to hold back that smile. But there are many more options for helping you restore that brightness than you think. Here are just a few.

It’s never too late to improve your daily ritual

A better understanding and avoidance of the causes of extrinsic stains on your teeth is going to play a huge role in preventing most kinds of discolouration. If you drink cold drinks that might discolour, then drinking them with a straw can minimize their impact on your teeth. But there are plenty of ways to improve the whitening effects of your daily oral health rituals, too. Home treatments like using activated charcoal can help draw out recent stains in the teeth as well as contributing to better oral health, overall, thanks to its germ fighting properties.

Get that brightness back

If you’ve been dealing with a long-term oral discolouration, then you might need to go a little further than just using charcoal to draw out recent stains. Some extrinsic stains are harder to remove, which means you might need a professional-level teeth whitening service at your dentist’s. This takes a more methodical approach to removing stains than at-home kits. However, many dentists also recommend using at-home kits to help your teeth maintain that whiteness, as well as cutting down the risk factors discolouring your teeth. Discolouration caused due to damage to a blood vessel can be prevented with a root canal, but often these treatments can still cause some discolouration. In that event, your dentist might recommend using bleaching material on the inside of the tooth, itself.

Odds and ends

If you have suffered any blood vessel damage leading to specific discolouration of one tooth that stands out amongst the others, there are some options that can help you target specific teeth, as well. It can only take one badly discoloured tooth to throw off your confidence in your whole smile. In these events, using a treatment like a veneer fitting might be one of the best options. This involves using a thin shell that covers the affected tooth. Veneers allow you to not only cover discolouration, but it can also help you change the profile of a tooth if it comes out at a slightly different angle or otherwise stands out from the rest of your mouth. Teeth can also be covered with some composite bonding material. You may have to talk to your dentist about which option works best for you.

No matter your situation, there is always a solution to helping to improve your smile. From whitening treatments, home-based and professional, to cosmetic additions that can help you sort out those few odd problem teeth. Talk to your dentist to figure out which might be the right beginning to winning your smile back.


George Austin