Embrace The Romance: Why You Should Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Embrace The Romance Why You Should Celebrate Valentine's Day

Everyone who is anyone has heard of Valentine’s Day and understands why we have it. Yes, it’s cheesy. Yes, it’s commercialised and bought into as a holiday that isn’t a real holiday. But it’s Valentine’s Day; a day of love, romance and flowers.

There’s rather a divide among the population as to whether Valentine’s Day should even be celebrated. Half think that it’s just a money-making scheme to make people feel like they need to buy something to prove their love for their other half. The rest of us think there’s nothing wrong with a day that’s dedicated to love. After all, we see all over the news channels death, doom and destruction. Having something beautiful to lift that up and take the bad news away for a while can only be a good thing. Life is busy. We work, we study, we rush around trying to fit everything into the twenty-four hours a day we get. In that all-consuming busy-ness it can be very easy to forget to tell the person you love that you appreciate them.

It sounds rather morose, but we don’t know how long we get of our lives. It’s important to tell the people we love that we love them while we still can. Did you say it today? Did you look at your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, mum, dad…did you look at them and tell them that you love them? Do it now. You’ll be surprised how little we say it. It’s not because we don’t have those feelings, it’s just that it’s easy to forget to remind them. Using Valentine’s Day to prove your affections for the one person who makes you feel like life is worth living is worth doing.

And there we have it folks, why we have a day put aside for lurid pink teddy bears and cards adorned in hearts. We take our love and ability to love for granted. So, whether you want to buy a dozen, freshly cut red roses or you want to go the extra mile and treat your lady to a set of beautiful Pearl Earrings, do something this Valentine’s Day. If you’re on a budget this year, learn to cook their favourite meal or if your person is constantly on the go, run them a hot, candlelit bath and take over the bedtime routine for the kids. If you add a chocolate bar and a glass of champagne along with it, you may find them in paroxysms of delight and gratitude.

Embrace the love hearts, flowers and teddy bear chocolates. If you happen to be single this Valentine’s Day, there’s always the discount chocolates to be had the next day and there’s still people in your life you love. It’s not just a day for romance, so shout your gratitude and appreciation from the rooftops and embrace the love you have in your life. We only get one of these lives, we should love as much as we can. Even on a not-holiday like Valentine’s Day.