Excuses You Make For Why You Don’t Exercise More – And Why They’re Nonsense

Excuses You Make For Why You Don't Exercise More - And Why They're Nonsense

Sometimes you have to be realistic with yourself. You have to hold a mirror up to your thought processes and acknowledge that, at times, you might just be your own worst enemy.

Today, I’m going to be that mirror.

Oh yes, I’m going to take charge and be forthright. Forthright is the right word for it, too. No one is being nasty for the sake of it; this is all about a clear, stark reflection on the most insidious of lies we tell ourselves. Today we’re going to be tackling (pause for lightning strike and spooky music)… the reasons you’re not working out more. Or, worse yet, the reasons you’re not working out at all.

This is the demon that you must confront, so if we all hold hands, then we can get through it. Here’s a rundown of the most popular oh-so-valid excuses and why they are actually… whatever the opposite of valid is. Invalid! That’s it. Knew there was a word for that.

So let’s begin.

“I have loads of things I need to do before I can settle into a routine.”

Let me guess – the dog ate your gym clothes?

Life exists. Life rarely gives you the time you feel you actually need to do anything. If you’re trying to push aside all of the other time-consuming events before exercising properly, then it won’t happen. Even if you conquer the time sucks of the moment, more will – Hydra-like – reappear in their place.

“I’m not well enough to do it yet.”

This may actually be a valid reason. Maybe you do have a health condition or an addictive issue that is going to make committing to a proper schedule difficult. But are you using it as a reason or an excuse? Have you done everything in your power to stop it being a problem?

Get on the course of medication you need or book yourself in for a Rapid Detox to take care of the problem once and for all. Don’t just hold the issue up as a banner as to why you can’t work out properly. It’s time to search your feelings and see if it’s a real barrier, or one you are constructing for yourself.

“I don’t know what I’m doing.”

Do you think the people in the gym, day after day, burst forth from the womb and immediately knew what to do for their fitness? Of course not – they’re a product of a lot of research and figuring it out at home.They might even have had input from personal trainers or other professionals.

Going into a regime without proper education is not only daunting but also potentially dangerous. You’re right to have concerns; just barging in won’t work out well. But again, what are you doing to get the education that you need? The internet is one massive resource of fitness advice. If you need something more tailored, then book a consultant with a specialist to get you through the basics. Ignorance isn’t an excuse; it’s just a learning opportunity.

Getting fit is not just going to happen – it’s up to you to make it so. Hopefully with a dose of brutal honesty and a sprinkle of inspiration, you’ll get to the magical level of fitness you desire.