Fancy A New You? It’s Easier Than You Think

The way we look and dress says a lot to the world about us.  Some of us will stick to a block colour, such as black. That isn’t a bad thing; Coco Chanel was a huge fan of the little black anything, she styled it up with gorgeous pearls and elegant shoes.

Changing our look doesn’t take much, we can turn everything around just by swapping our usual colour tones for something more, or less, dramatic.  Perhaps you are subtle in your approach but want to make more of a statement.  Or maybe you are ready to be a little more sophisticated.  By changing the colors and prints of our wardrobe, we can give a dramatic change.  Imagine your typical biker look, a basic white tee with ripped black jeans, now ditch the jeans for a pair of cigarette trousers and add a little black jacket, viola! You have an excellent and chic new look which will impress all your friends.

Fancy A New You? It's Easier Than You Think

Your hair is the next thing which you can change to create a bold new image. If you have always had long hair with a thick fringe, imagine the difference if you went for a pixie crop? Would your work mates even recognize you? Playing with color is another way to twist your look up, if you are usually blonde then how about becoming a brunette for a while?  Using sites such as to get some good ideas will help you discover if you are ready to go for the chop or change your color completely. Hair can slim our faces down or make us look taller. It can light up our eyes or cast shadows on our jawline, so getting a perfect style which will suit us is tough! Have fun with your hair and play around with different color combinations, you can even get your hands on hair chalks, these are great colors which will wash out of your hair after a day of wear.

Something as simple as changing your makeup can give you an entirely different look. If you are used to wearing bright lipstick and no eyeshadow, try mixing it up and using the peacock look for your eyes. If you are going to create drama on the eye, then you need a nude or pale lip. Play with contouring; it can slim you down or give the illusion of high cheek bones.

Another way to change the look of your face is to give yourself thick eyebrows or to take your makeup right back to basics. It is amazing how quickly you can transform your look with just a few handy techniques. Use YouTube to discover great ways of changing your current look; there are some brilliant tutorials which could give you exciting ideas of how to look entirely different with only a few changes. Eyeliner will also help twist things up.

You don’t need to go crazy, you don’t need to spend a fortune, just make a few simple tweaks to your daily look, and you will be stepping out, a whole new you!


George Austin