We all go on about how we’re going to stick to our new year resolution and go to the gym. But do we stick to it?

Of course we don’t, we’re to busy stocking up on our chocolate and ice cream. You just can’t say no to the good ol’ comfort food. We all blame it on our busy schedules and social lives but lets be honest with ourselves, do we really want to go to a gym and sweat buckets? It doesn’t look all that glamorous. So if that’s the one reason stopping you then why don’t you change up your outfit a bit and be more daring. Wear sportswear.

Sportswear originated from America and was one of their signature styles. However, it soon traveled over to the UK, prompting English fashion designer Stella McCartney to start a new sport craze. Nowadays you’ll find sportswear everywhere! From a fashion retailer to JD sports, you can’t get away from the tanks and joggers.

We always see models plastered over magazines in the yoga pants and skinny tanks promoting the ‘get healthy and look like this’ image that we all crave. But if  turn the page you know you’re getting nowhere. Maybe we should take it as a motivation instead, especially if we want to look like a Victoria Secret model. Think of it as a fresh start; a new wardrobe, a new you. It may sound cliche but cliche can be good.

Spring’s only around the corner. It’s the perfect time for going for a jog in the cool, sunny afternoon or if you’re more motivated then going to the gym and building up a sweat. On the other hand sportswear doesn’t mean you actually have to get active, it’s also great comfort wear, loose bottoms and tees all round. So let’s get warmed up and add some active wear to our wardrobes.

Alexander Wang, SS14. Photo Credit: Style.com

Alexander Wang, SS14. Photo Credit: Style.com

Sportswear was a hit at New York Fashion Week 2014 with designers such as Alexander Wang promoting the sporty chic style. It just goes to show that sporty can be elite as well. To get this style doesn’t mean you have to splash out on Stella McCartney gear just because it has the high end label, you can get just as good pieces on the high street. Forever 21 has a collection dedicated to sportswear which I simply adore. You can find all types of pieces for whatever you want to do. Loose bottoms and tees for lounging around and sports bras and yoga shorts for a daily jog, it has a bit of everything for everyone.

Half of the time no one even considers wearing sportswear because it’s seen more as ‘boring’ then ‘in’ and ‘cool’. Everyone has to follow the same trend, which can be a bit boring in itself can’t it? So why not change up your style a little bit every now and then and try something new this season.

Sportswear may of seemed boring to you then but now its portrayed in a whole new light.

Is sportswear finally getting the attention it deserves?

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