From Glastonbury to Reading and Leeds, the line between practicality and fashion often gets blurred during festival season.

Sure, we want to look our best but that doesn’t always mean wearing high-priced designer pieces, that are likely to get ruined in the muddy downpour of rain.  After all this isn’t Coachella and your favourite Kate Moss X Topshop fringed festival jacket doesn’t stand a chance.

Instead festival-chic should focus on the bare necessities. Envisage cheap, disposable fashion from charity shops or affordable high-street chains such as Primark. Not only are the clothes reasonably priced but they can also be thrown away once the festival is over. A washing-free trip home? Who could say no.

The girls at Blix have composed a list of the do’s and don’t’s when it comes to festival dressing. An ideal way to help you prepare for the weekend of chaos, we recommend printing it off and taking it with you during your shopping trip rummage for this seasons’ essential ‘it’ items. And remember what we said… they don’t have to be expensive!


ASOS Stripe Block Jumper: £7.00

DO WEAR SNUG KNITS – Of course, we try to be optimistic when it comes to festival weather. Who doesn’t? But judging by the last few years at Isle Of Wright, we can’t help but feel the  doom and gloom of rain approaching. Whether it’s a case of hunting down that dreaded knit your Gran gave you for Christmas – our guess is it’s at the bottom of your wardrobe – or investing in an affordable wooly from ASOS, don’t shy away from jumpers this season.

A lighter, easily equivalent to coats, they’re great if the weather decides to take a drastic turn for the worse, as they can easily be tied around your waist during the day or stored in a small bag.

DON’T WEAR HEELS – We know, we know, you’ve probably heard this one a million times before, but whether you’re a festival virgin or not, it’s without a doubt one rule you should be taking note of. Time and time again we’re faced with the somewhat comical, somewhat embarrassing sight of girls attempting to walk through mud in heels. Not only do their shoes end up getting respectfully ruined, in midst of sinking into the ground, but they’re also left with blisters and cuts due to the endless treks back and forth across grass and cobbled pathways.

Instead opt for a stylish pair of wellington boots. We’re not talking about splurging money on luxe pair of Hunter wellies, instead have a hunt around the high street and look in camping and sports shops such as JD Sport or Millets.

ASOS Round Sunglasses: £6.00

DO TAKE SUNGLASSES –  Admittedly this may seem contradictory, after all we did just tell you to pack warm jumpers, but there’s nothing stopping you from wishing for the sunshine, whilst your dancing the day away enjoying a cider or two.

Not to mention the fact sunglasses are the ultimate tool to get through morning hangovers. A perfect way of styling a basic look up in a cool and collected fashion, why not go a step further a take note from some of our favourite festivalistas. Forget Ray Ban, instead sport decorative shades with embellishments, cut out details and coloured lenses.

DON’T TAKE BIG BAGS – There’s no denying that big bags are a nuisance to carry around all day. Often full of junk and unessential clutter streamline your festival bits and bobs so they all fit into a smaller, more manageable size bag. Not only will your fellow festival goers thank you, as your bag be crashing and bumping into them during crowded sets, but you’ll also be able to enjoy the day.

During the day time, we recommend carry a mini bag or a bum bag.  With just enough room to store things like your phone and money they’re the perfect way to deal with all those valuables you don’t want to leave in your tent.

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