Whether it is a sleek Beckham like bob that takes for fancy, or a cascade of Olsen style beach waves, hairstyles are often the be all or end all. Sure, that claim may sound dramatic, but there’s no use denying it, they can change a look within seconds – for better or for worse.

Constantly leaving us riddled with intense paranoia, it’s not just the bravery to go under the scissors that’s a challenge for many of us. It’s also the after-math and the constant questioning of: “Does this cut really suit me?”  After all, we’re positive you’ve all come face to face with that near heart-attack moment when your hairdresser cuts a good five inches off your locks, for all the wrong reasons.

In bid to avoid the endless tears and deep desire for your long hair back, the Blix team have composed a guide that’s introduces you to the different face shapes, showing you a variety of hairstyles that are sure to be the perfect match.

Oval Shaped Face

Defined by a wider forehead and prominent cheekbones, if you have an oval face you’re one lucky girl. With the oval shaped face pretty much anything goes. There are no restrictions. From Jennifer Aniston to Megan Fox, cuts can be as dramatic or as subtle as you like. The only thing that we would recommend is to try to stay away from bangs as they will make your face look square. Other than that, feel free to enjoy that ultra-edgy pixie crop or masses of boho curls.

Round Shaped Face

If you have a round face the width and length is most likely to be the same, with the widest point being the cheekbones. Similar to the likes Scarlett Johnson, this face shape is often considered the cutest due to the curved jawline and full cheeks. When it comes to re-styling, opt for simple Mila Kunis like layer, or for those feeling a little more adventures a Cameron Diaze-esque bob.

Long or Diamond Shaped Face

Those with a long, diamond shaped face will have a small chin, small forehead and prominent cheekbones. The face will be narrow with elongated features. Just like our friends who have round faces, almost all cuts suit this face type. Blake Lively and Sarah Jessica Parker have proved swept bangs look particularly nice on you girls, but hairstyles which reach your top and sides are a massive no-no as they will make your face look longer.

Squared Shaped Face

The most exotic of the bunch, the square face features a prominent, sometimes angular jaw line with the forehead and cheekbones being the same width. We recommend playing down the jawline and trying to stay away from styles that draw attention to your cheeks. Instead opt for soft curls or choppy ends. Not only does this give hair volume, it also creates the subtle Angelina Jolie-like look every girl desires.

Triangle or Heart Shaped Face

Known for a prominent chin and slightly narrower forehead, those who have a triangle shaped face should look up to the likes of Rihanna and Reese Witherspoon. If you’re for a short, punchy do, go for a haircut that’s fuller on top and reaches the chin. This gives the illusion that your face is longer and strays the attention away from your jawline. Equally for longer hairstyles, you can divert the attention away from your more prominent features by donning swept bands that place all focus on your eyes.