Finding Work That Lets You Go ‘Fashion Berserk’

 Finding Work That Lets You Go 'Fashion Berserk'In life, we’re often told to separate our hobbies from our work life. Essentially, we’re told that our passions don’t correlate with the working world. If you have creative interests then those should stay at home and have no place in a professional business environment. And yet, there are so many businesses and industries which demand creative and innovative mindsets, so this common folk myth that artistic and creative interests have no place in the business world is clearly untrue.

That’s why, if you have a deep love for fashion, you should pursue that inner calling. There are heaps of different jobs out there in the fashion industry, no matter what your skillset. All it requires is a love for the subject matter. And if you’re on this article, we’ll assume that you love fashion. Yes? Good. Here are some pieces of advice on finding work that lets you go ‘fashion berserk’.


If you’re somebody who’s always had a unique way of putting words to paper then the world is your oyster. Every type of business needs writers, to some extent, but this is most certainly the case in the fashion industry. All those fashion magazines you love to read (even if they are digitally-based in the modern world) need writers with a real passion for the subject to write thoughtful and intriguing pieces about the latest trends or pieces of advice for readers.

Of course, if getting an internship and working your way up through the ranks sounds painful, you could skip a few steps and create your own fashion blog to channel your love for this industry. Becoming your own boss and creating your own career is possibly one of the most exciting ways to get stuck into this career line. If you build an audience then you could even start to get sponsorships and be invited to fashion events.


One of the most obvious options when it comes to choosing a career path in the world of fashion is to go into modeling. When it comes to modeling jobs, there’s really an endless array of possibilities. Of course, you have to be ready for the kind of things that such a career would entail. Modeling might look easy on the surface; it’s all about looking great in an endless stream of outfits, right? Well, not quite. It’s a very demanding career because you’re entering a fast-paced environment. No two days are the same, and you could find yourself racing all over the country or the world for unexpected shoots at unexpected times. You need to be passionate about such a lifestyle if you’re going to go for it.


Let’s end this article with a bit of an unexpected suggestion. If you’re somebody who has such a deep understanding of fashion that you feel you could explain how to choose certain outfits, colors, and styles based on emotions and mindsets then you could look into careers as a consumer psychologist. There are many businesses which hire fashion experts who can tell them what consumers are looking for in clothing and how people perceive certain styles. Your role would be to provide insight into what makes consumers buy certain fashion items. You would have gain qualifications in this regard but it’s definitely a course worth pursuing if you’re passionate about delving into the psychological side of fashion.

George Austin