Fit & Flexi is a unique fitness concept combining a Fit energetic dance workout with Flexi dynamic and static stretches designed to tone, increase muscle definition and improve flexibility.

Whether you want to learn new dance moves, improve your splits or touch your toes – its tailored to all abilities. You don’t have to be a pro dancer or gym junkie to start getting Fit & Flexi.


Fit & Flexi is based around all 4 aspects of fitness: Sweat, Strengthen, Stretch, Smile.

Sweat: Burn fat fast by high intensity dance cardio

Strengthen: Tone the 3 A’s – Arms, Abs & Ass

Stretch: Progressive stretching to improve flexibility

Smile: Get fit the fun way! You won’t even notice that you are working hard as the music is pumping and you are dancing yourself fit!

Ali Trowsdale

Founded and developed by Ali Trowsdale, Qualified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor with a Degree in Biology, Fit & Flexi is one of the hottest full body workouts in the market.

With in-depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology, passion for health and fitness and a background in professional dance, Ali wanted to develop a class that increases flexibility whilst toning efficiently and effectively. 

 Busy Londoners try hard to maintain work-life balance. I realized many of my friends working in the corporate jobs find it very challenging to go work out after a long day in office

With this in mind she has created and designed Fit & Flexi which helps you burn lots of calories, tone up, improve posture, enjoy the hottest dance tunes and rewind by a little meditation in the end.

All these happening within just 1 hour. How good is that?


If you are looking for a workout to really push you, tone, strengthen and dance yourself happy – Fit & Flexi is the class for you.

Drop in classes at Pineapple Dance Studios every Monday lunchtime, 12-1pm and 8-9pm in the evening.

Don’t be a stiff… get your Fit&Flexi happy fix!

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