Five Reasons To Take A Career Break (P.S. You’ll Only Need One)

Five Reasons To Take A Career Break (P.S. You'll Only Need One)

Taking a career break can feel a little bit like taking a big jump into the great unknown. But after many years in the same job, it can often seem like a necessity.

Here are five reasons why you should take a career break, although you’ll probably only need one.

You Hate Your Work

If you hate your job, taking a career break can give you the space to think about what it is that you really want to get out of your life. Taking some time for reflection allows you to adjust the direction in which you’re heading and escape the daily grind which can cloud your judgement.

It also gives you time to think about what it is that you don’t like about your job. Perhaps you have a boss who never gets off your case, or maybe you just don’t enjoy the work because it isn’t very fulfilling. While you have a break, you have the opportunity to figure out what it is that you don’t like about your work. You also have a chance to change your perspective and think about your job in a different way. You can ask yourself questions about what it was that initially attracted you to the job in the first place.

Taking time off work gives you time to apply for other jobs as well. You might find that you no longer want to work as an accountant and instead fancy a job as a teacher or an engineer. A career break is a great opportunity for you to plan out your next move.

You’re About To Have Kids

Having children is a big commitment and although many people claim that it’s possible to have kids and have a job at the same time, giving your children the upbringing that they deserve while you are working is difficult. As a result, many parents choose to take parental leave so that they can invest in their children’s future. It’s worth remembering that the first few years of a child’s life are the most important for their long-term development. Science has shown that most children’s personalities are fully formed by the age of 5. For this reason, many parents take as much time off work as they can while they are raising children because of how important parental interaction is for their education and work.

You Want To Make A Difference

Whether it’s teaching African children how to speak English or helping people in Thailand build schools for their community, knowing that you made a difference to somebody else’s life is important. But often, especially in modern jobs, it’s hard to feel as if you are making the world a better place. Simply sitting in front of the computer all day and typing emails can be soul-destroying.

Volunteering is a great chance for you to get a new perspective on your own life. It will help you see you some of the struggles that other people go through and may even change your life’s priorities. After your volunteering experience, you may find that you want to get involved with charity work or do something in your community that is more focused on improving the lives of other people.

You Want To Try A New Life

Many people don’t mind living in the same place all their lives, but some people have an uncontrollable urge to expand their horizons and see what it’s like to live in other parts of the world. For this reason, people give up their jobs, change their country, settle down and do something completely different for a while.

Often there are lots of opportunities to try something new in the world of work as well once you move to a different country.  For instance, if you have a college degree and you have always wanted to work in the medical field, then you can join an internship programme with a company like Intern Latin America which will give you an idea of what working in the medical field is like. Often it’s good just to find out what a particular job is like on a career break so that you can then decide whether you want to continue with that work or go back to your old job.

You’ve Just Realised How Short Life Is

Big milestones like somebody’s birthday or death in the family are reminders that life is short. These reminders are especially relevant if you’ve been stuck working 50 hours a week in the same job without a break for the last few years. You realise that time is slipping away from you. A career break can, therefore, be an excellent opportunity to do the things that you want to do in life without having to worry about work.


George Austin