Four Tips That Will Help You Fit In At The Gym

Is there anything that makes you feel more self conscious than being the new kid on the block? Whether you’re starting a new job, a new class or simply showing up somewhere that you’ve never been to before, it can be more than a little intimidating. And the thought of the gym makes it somehow even more frightening. When we think of the gym we think of crowds of buff bronzed gods and goddesses, just waiting for you to put an uncoordinated foot wrong so they can laugh at you. Luckily, nothing is further from the truth. But if you feel a little nervous at the idea of joining a gym for the first time, here are some tips that will help.

 SIGN IN Four Tips That Will Help You Fit In At The Gym

Practise At Home

No one’s saying that you have to start lifting weights in your basement – on the contrary, it’s best to start doing so in a controlled environment where there are people around to help you out. But it’s a good idea to make sure that you keep fit at home as well as at the gym. Make sure that you go for regular walks and that you do some keep fit exercises at home like push ups and sit ups. Being a little in shape will help to increase your confidence at the gym.

Make Sure You Look The Part

We all like to look good and being at the gym is no different from that. You don’t necessarily want to be the woman with a full face of makeup but a little BB cream and waterproof mascara won’t hurt. Likewise, if you love clothes then why not go for a great gym outfit that will lift up your spirits every time you put it on? A good sports bra, the correct shoes, a soft marl sweater to cover up, and the perfect pair of moisture wicking women’s gym leggings will work wonders for your self confidence.

Fit In With The Gym

Everywhere you go will have its own customs and traditions and the gym will be no different. Have a personal training session so you learn how to use all the equipment safely and figure out a routine for you – and ask your personal trainer for any tips on how to use the gym without irritating any of the people who already go there. Make sure you wipe down the machines after you’ve used them and don’t take up anyone else’s space. Still, it’s important to remember that you are also a paying customer and your needs are just as important as everyone else’s.

Find The Exercise That Suits You

It may take you a little time to figure out what exercise suits you, and that’s absolutely okay. Whether you want to use the elliptical machines or the treadmill, or if you’ve figured out that the climbing walls or Zumba classes are for you, that’s okay. Once you’ve worked out what sort of exercise is for you, you’re guaranteed to meet your people as well – it’s only a matter of time.