Friendliness Sells! Make Money From Your Sociable Nature

Friendliness Sells! Profiting From Your Sociable Nature

University is one of the most sociable experiences that we will encounter in our lives. Think about it. You head to a new place and find yourself in accommodation and classes with a whole host of new people who you’ve never met before. Settling into a new environment around strangers is a relatively difficult task, but the majority of students do this successfully. Whether they join societies, host study groups or make the most of student night life, they end up forming strong bonds with people who may well end up being their friends for life. Not only do you gain a degree from your university experience, but the majority of people will leave feeling more confident and able to connect with strangers and communicate with them effectively. This is a major life skill in itself. The best part? You can cash in on this skill. When it comes to the world of business, being able to communicate with others effectively while maintaining a friendly and positive demeanour can help you to seal major deals. So, how shall you go about profiting from your sociable nature? Stick with us to find out.


Consider Sales Positions

When we think of salespeople, the trope of the sleazy, misleading salesperson may well spring to mind. But it’s time to dispel this myth. When it comes to selling a product or service, you don’t necessarily have to walk over people or dupe them to make a profit. In fact, this should be avoided at all costs. The key to successful sales is to actually provide the client with something that they need at a competitive price. This makes you a profit and leaves them happy with their purchase. A happy customer is likely to return and make recommendations to others or leave good reviews of your service. It’s a win-win situation! If you’ve graduated, chances are that you’re intelligent and capable. You have the necessary communication skills and attitude to engage effectively with a customer and the analytical skills to weigh up the pros of investing their time and cash into whatever it may be that you’re selling. The only problem is that most universities don’t teach basic sales skills to their students. But not to worry. If this sort of position sounds good to you, there are companies out there, such as Metamorphose, who will train you up and guide you on your journey. Attend sales awareness days for tips and tricks that will see you excel in your career.

Consider Collaborative Business Ventures

If you’re considering setting up a business of your own, it is essential that you remember that two minds and two sets of hands are often better than one. Scope the field for other individuals like you who would be interested in collaborating. By sharing your knowledge, resources and creativity, you will have a larger likelihood of succeeding in your business ventures. With your approachable demeanour and positive attitude, it’s likely that almost any newly established businessperson will jump at the opportunity to work alongside you. If things go particularly well, who knows, you may well have secured yourself the ideal business partner.

So, you’ve put in the hard work and effort during your time at university, picking up valuable skills and developing them to a point that’s near perfection. Get out there and start making money from it!