Fun Careers For Social Butterflies

If you’re a people person, then a job where you sit behind a desk and type figures into a computer is definitely not suited to you. You have to work around 40 hours a week, you might as well look for something that ignites your passion and makes you feel excited to get up on Monday morning. There are some careers out there that might appear perfect for a social butterfly such as yourself, but it all depends on how much social interaction you want in your job. To help you narrow down your options, here are just a few fun careers where your inner butterfly can spread its wings.

Fun Careers For Social Butterflies

Events planner

Perhaps you’re the kind of person who loves throwing a big party, and takes pleasure from seeing your guests have such a good time. An event planner does this on a larger, or smaller scale depending on the event. Some might have got their start doing various club promoter jobs during university, or just after graduation. If you were able to make a decent living by convincing people to visit a club every weekend, then you would be a perfect event planner; you know what makes a party great, you know how to sell the event to the guests and the hosts, and you know all the loose ends that need to be tied up. Whether it’s a book launch, wedding, or corporate event, you can make a name for yourself by essentially planning a good party.


If you’re looking for a way to merge your party planning skills with your charitable nature, then fundraising might be the best career path for you. Fundraisers have to be incredibly involved with planning events from beginning to end. They are responsible for securing revenue for a particular cause, non-profit, or company, cultivating a network of potential donors, and finding deep pockets to make donations. You have to be really confident in your sales skills, because it’s not as easy as it sounds getting people to donate money for dire causes. You also have to make the evening fun, and not all doom-and-gloom. It’s a delicate balancing act, but if you’re up to the challenge you could raise a lot of money for good causes.

Public Relations Specialist

Anyone can post things on social media, but it takes a true creative genius to make things go viral, start a trend, and get the whole world tweeting about a specific product. If you have this kind of flair, then you should be a PR Specialist. Your whole job would revolved around telling people about specific products, and promoting new artists by making their singles go viral. You could represent a business, a person, or a brand, but the concept will always be the same. The best PR specialists have an extensive network of contacts, whom they have met at various parties, openings, and networking events.

It takes more than people skills to thrive in these jobs; you have to be the life of the party.