Fun, Outdoor Activities To Get You Fit

The best exercises are so much fun, you don’t even realise that they’re good for you. And so while the weather’s still nice, why not spend some time outdoors and cram in as much of this stuff as you possibly can? It’s a nice way to spend time with friends or family, and you’ll have a great time while also doing your body good.

Here are a few fun, outdoor activities that will also get you fit.


When you throw in a competitive element to an activity, you’ll find yourself getting fit without even realising! Football, basketball, rugby, hockey. Whatever it is that you and your friends enjoy, round up a team and enjoy the last of the summer weather with some outdoor team sports. One on one sports more your thing? Go for something like tennis or badminton. Most parks will have outdoor courts so you’re bound to have something local to you.

Fun, Outdoor Activities To Get You Fit.


A bike ride is something fun for all the family. It’s something you can do regardless of your fitness levels, as you can either cycle at a leisurely pace or pick up speed for a hardcore aerobic workout. Biking is a great way to travel too, as it’s kind on the environment and there’s no expensive fuel or taxes to worry about. Simply buy the bike (and some insurance in case it gets stolen) and you’re ready to go. There are plenty of bike insurance comparison websites out there so you can find one that suits you best.

Bouncy Castle and Inflatables

If you’re looking to throw an incredible party this summer, this is something a bit different that your guests are sure to love! Most places that hire out bouncy castles for kids will also have a selection for adults. You’ll be so busy messing around and bouncing that you won’t realise you’re getting an amazing workout! Things like inflatable slides and even inflatable sumo suits are loads of fun, will get your heart rate up and make for a hilarious night.


Spending time on boats is an enjoyable way to spend time outdoors while getting in some good exercise. You could go on pedal boats or rowing boats to get your heart rate up all while enjoying some amazing scenery! Kayaking, canoeing and sailing will also help to boost your fitness and give your arm muscles a good workout.

Fun, Outdoor Activities To Get You Fit.


Pack up a picnic, and head out for a day of walking and sightseeing. You’ll be so busy taking photos and observing wildlife to notice that you’re doing amazing things for your body. If you live near to the countryside, take a stroll through it. If you live by mountains or beaches, go and explore them!

Activities With Kids

Since they’re always full of energy, any outdoor activities with kids are a surefire way to keep you fit this summer. Climbing trees, playing hide and seek or having water fights. This is a fun way to cool off kids and pets on a hot day. Grab a few water guns and water balloons from a toy shop, and prepare for a lot of running around!

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