Hello, November! Here you are with rainy days, frosty mornings. When the days are getting shorter and the mornings start with snooze button infused ‘don’t wanna get out of bed’ thoughts.

Anyone else browsing pictures from summer holidays, and reminiscing the warm days that now feel like ages ago? OK, that sounds a bit depressing now!

Let’s live in the moment, practice positivity and get excited about the beauty that surrounds us right now, even in the shades of grey.

Autumn is the perfect time to re-connect with old and new friends and relatives, visit the cafes you love, buy cute pyjamas, light the scented candles, eat hearty breakfasts, cosy up with someone you love..

And be grateful for this very moment.

Hello, November!

Hello November!

Hello November

Hello November!


Hello November!

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All photos are courtesy of pexels.com

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