How To Get Your Spare Room Ready for AirBnB Age

How To Get Your Spare Room Ready for AirBnB AgePhoto: Pexels

If you ask me, we are now well and truly in the Airbnb age. Many travelers are now choosing to stay in spare rooms that are listed on this holiday rental site. It makes travel a lot cheaper, and you get to stay with a local. So you will always have someone close by if you ever need a restaurant or cafe recommendation! But there is also another advantage of these new holiday rental websites as well. You can now rent out your spare room! It’s such a quick and easy way of getting some extra cash. Plus, you will get to meet a lot of interesting individuals. So how do you get your spare room ready for the Airbnb age? Read on to find some great tips!

Make It Look The Part

The first step to getting lots of bookings is to add photographs of your room to your Airbnb profile. These will be the first thing that potential visitors notice. Especially when they are scrolling through all the different rooms that are available in your area. You need to ensure that yours stands out from the crowd. The best way to do this is to create a warm and inviting decor. Make sure the room is neat and tidy when you take the pics as well. No one wants to spend their holiday staying in a scruffy room!

How To Get Your Spare Room Ready for AirBnB AgePhoto: Pexels

Make It Comfy

Your room needs to do a lot more than simply look the part, though. It also needs to be super cozy for all your guests. You can do this by finding your nearest bedding suppliers and buying professional bed linen. It is also worth buying some towels so that guests don’t have to bring their own. Adding some extra touches to the room, such as free toiletries and a kettle, can help it feel like a fancy hotel! If your guests find the room exceptionally comfortable, they are a lot more likely to come back and stay with you again.

How To Get Your Spare Room Ready for AirBnB AgePhoto: Pexels

Welcome Guests To The Area

If you live in a tourist hotspot, the chances are that all your guests will want to explore and sightseeing every day. If they have never visited your city or area before, they may not know where to start! So leave lots of tourist-friendly literature in their room that they can use to help them discover what they can do. A city map is always useful, even if your guests have visited the city before. It is also a good idea to put an up to date travel guide in the room. This will give your visitors plenty of inspiration and ideas.

Open Up Your Kitchen

As your guests will be staying in your home with you, it is a nice idea to also let them use communal spaces such as your kitchen and living room. This will give you all the chance to socialize and get to know each other better. It will also make things a lot more convenient for them, as they can prepare their own breakfast before they leave for the day.