Is Reading Becoming Redundant? 3 Reasons To Fall In Love With Books Again

In an age of computers, tablets, apps, and selfies, you could be forgiven for thinking the humble book has been replaced by the screen. Whilst there are huge benefits of technology we shouldn’t be so quick to abandon print and good old-fashioned publishing. If your love affair with books is over, read this list and we promise you’ll become besotted all over again…

Is Reading Becoming Redundant? 3 Reasons To Fall In Love With Books Again


One of the great things about books is the escapism they offer. You could say that film offers the same kind of escape, but reading allows you to enjoy the world the author has created all on your own without distraction. For hundreds of years, books have been transporting us forwards and backward in time, making us deliriously excited and desperately sad, challenging and confirming our opinions. When the world around us can feel a little dull and gray a good book can lift our spirits and take us far away.

As an adult, we can all too often find ourselves weighed down by the pressures of a job, bills, family. It’s important to get some perspective and remember how magical and exciting the world can be. As well as letting us escape from our lives, books can also inspire us to better them…


Books are a great source of learning and a good way to better ourselves. We’re not just talking about textbooks and information manuals either. Fiction, fantasy, autobiography, or automobile, whatever genre or subject a book covers we learn about something. Sometimes we disagree with an author’s point of view or a specific character, but that helps us to learn more about what we stand for and like.

There are self-help books that help us to understand more about depression, abuse, stress. There are cookbooks which expand our culinary knowledge. There are even books for success which help us to learn about specific subjects and become better equipped. The joy of a book, unlike a search engine, is that we can pour over the pages time and time again. The tea stain on a page or the dog-eared ends of well loved book tell a story…


Books are an amazing connection to the past. We have classic literature that was written hundreds of years ago that bring us back to the swinging 60’s and scorching heat of ancient Egypt. There are books which we hand down from generation to generation and act as a sentimental link to our loved ones. Books will never go out of fashion.


George Austin