Keeping Cozy Over Christmas!

Make the most out of your holidays without breaking the bank or staying in bed! Here's how to keep cozy over Christmas!Photo: Pixabay

To get cozy, you need to get cold, first. Obviously, at this time of year, getting cold isn’t a problem at all. It’s the getting cozy part that is the struggle. This post will take you through some of the ways that you can make the holidays a little more comfortable; without breaking the bank or staying in bed!

Layer Up!

As we all know; to stay warm, it’s best to wear layers, instead of one larger item. This works by trapping pockets of air between your clothing, which acts as an insulator. As the air warms up, so do you.

But, layering yourself up will usually result in a similar look to the Michelin man. By preparing early on, you can eliminate this problem, using multi-layered clothing that’s designed to stack up. Fleece lined hoodies and coats with removable inner layers are perfect for the winter months. They will keep you warm, without having to wear a sweater or multiple shirts underneath.

A lot of the coldness we feel outside comes from wind chill. When the cold wind sweeps past bare skin, it will evaporate moisture from the surface. This works great in summer, when we want our sweat to evaporate to cool us down, but not so much in winter. Thankfully, with modern materials, this problem can be entirely averted. As your outer layer, use a windbreaker or rain coat. Waterproof fabrics will also block the wind, and will also help to trap more heat in your other layers.


Of course, in the home, heating is the best way to keep yourself warm. But, when the blizzards are raging, and the winds are howling, it can be hard not to waste some of your precious heat. If you prepare enough in advance, you can help with this. Most houses have areas in their attics or in the walls that are perfect for insulation. If your roof isn’t insulated, you can buy fiberglass rolls and do the job yourself. Cavity walls, on the other hand, will require a professional to fill.

If you have an old fireplace, Christmas can be the best time to get it lit! Nothing quite warms the house like an open fire. And what better way is there to spread the holiday feeling? Just be aware; disused chimney breasts are ideal places for birds to nest. You will also find dead leaves and other detritus in the chimney. So, before you light that fire, have someone check for you that the way is clear.

Double Socks, Double Gloves

It’s no secret; we’re all use to the feeling. Frigid hands that feel as though they’d shatter on impact, and frozen feet that feel like they’ve long been absent. And, for some, this nightmare is unbearable. Getting around it, though, is nice and easy. When you’re getting ready in the morning, just put an extra pair of socks over your normal ones. Just like other clothing, this will trap hot air and keep your feet warm. You can do the same with gloves; just make sure to choose flexible ones that won’t make life too hard.

Brrrrrr! It’s time to get cozy! Hopefully, this will help you to have a more comfortable Christmas, and avoid some of the chills.

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