Lower Your Carbohydrate Intake And Target Your Glutes For A Pear Shape Body

It’s a common desire for many women, to want to lose weight around their waist and buttocks. The taboo subject of ‘love-handles’ that lots of women can relate can be a bit of a personal subject where confidence issues can be emanating from. Building muscle and burning stubborn fat help to bring out the natural curves you have but, general exercise just won’t cut it. You need a targeted plan of action, to specifically focus on the lower body; especially your derriere and waistline. Sculpting different areas of the body require a unique approach and since the lower body is the heaviest part of the human anatomy; generally speaking. Consequently, it can feel like an uphill struggle because each time you eat, the energy from the food is stored in the thighs, hamstrings and tummy and waist. But, not everything is down to genetics, so don’t give up and follow a few guidelines.Lower Your Carbohydrate Intake And Target Your Glutes For A Pear Shape Body

That sinking feeling

Carbohydrates are a very dense type of food. They give you energy, but they also get stored as backup energy. The first form of energy the human body burns is that which is easily converted by the chemical process of adenosine triphosphate or ATP for short. This process is essentially the currency of life, because it converts food, into energy which our muscles then use to burn and thus animate and move around. Fat, sugars, and protein are the first to be sourced for energy because their compounds and molecules are easier to break down. Therefore, watch your carb intake and make them good carbs. The basic rule to follow is to swap your white carbs, for brown carbs, i.e. swap white bread for whole wheat, the same with pasta and rice; and rather than white potatoes, eat a sweet potato for leaner, slow-burning complex carbs.

Sports that target your glutes

The main reason people don’t stick to workout routines is because regular life always gets in the way. Work towards an attitude that realizes how sport can work with you and not against you. You might be wondering ‘what is a road bike’? Road bikes are designed for speed and maneuverability. Unlike mountain bikes which are heavier and built for rough, uneven terrain, road bikes are user-friendly and made purely for paved surfaces.

Whether you wish to travel a long distance, commute on it, or just enjoy cycling, the road bike is great for a weekend excursion. The frames are thin and require a certain finesse in body weight control, thus the lower the center of gravity while you ride, the more enjoyment you can get. The posture of road cycling demands more from your glutes and hamstrings and targets them specifically for acceleration. Mimicking the technique of squats and lunges, cycling burns almost as much fat as running and swimming, by getting all the muscles involved, but focusing on the legs and buttocks region foremost.

Cut the junk

It goes without saying, but stop eating junk food and starting drinking natural acids and sugars. A berry smoothie as a supplement to a low carb meal counteracts the effects of a shortage of carbohydrates which makes you feel sapped of energy. However, a smoothie full of blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and cherries revitalizes your system with much need electrolytes.