Luxury Holiday Destinations in the USA

The USA is not the largest country in the world, and nor is it the most populated. But what is truly unique about it in comparison to other countries is just how varied it is. There are fifty states, and each of them is very much like its own little country. Between states there are different laws, different cultures. You’ll often find that people identify as Texan, Californian or Alabaman before American.

One thing that comes from this is the fact that many Americans take holidays in the USA. Of course, many will go further afield, but some Americans justly point out that there’s really no need to. Why would they, they ask, when there is so much to do within the borders of the USA? Whatever you’re looking for – activity, entertainment, relaxation – there are destinations to check out. And there are also luxury holidays aplenty.

Hawaii – Take Your Pick Of An Incredible Choice

Luxury Holiday Destinations in the USA: HawaiiPhoto: Flickr

Hawaii is a popular holiday destination for people from all around the world. It is a state of the union, but it is so different from the mainland states of America. Beautiful landscapes in Maui, relaxed seclusion on the Big Island. The luxury exclusivity of Kauai is perfect for someone who wants to holiday in style among beautiful scenery and amazing weather.

Napa Valley – The Oenophile’s Paradise

Vineyard in the Napa ValleyPhoto: Wikimedia

That’s a good word, isn’t it? Oenophile. It just means “wine lover”, but it makes it sound a little bit more academic as opposed to boozy. And the Napa Valley is a hugely popular destination for oenophiles due to its excellent wine growing prestige. You can visit vineyards, sample the product and take a trip on the Napa Valley Wine Train. Then go to one of the many top-grade restaurants for a gourmet meal.

New York City – No Explanation Needed

Luxury Holiday Destinations in the USA: New YorkPhoto:

TV, film, books, music. If you have had your eyes or ears open for a matter of days, you will already have had cultural exposure to NYC. It’s been a setting for countless films and TV shows. Frank Sinatra, Jay-Z and Ryan Adams have all paid tribute in song. From wherever you are, there are NY private jet charters that will allow you to visit in style. Then you can enjoy the sights and sounds of Manhattan at its best.

Aspen – Ski ‘Til You Drop, Or Just Enjoy The Ride

Luxury Holiday Destinations in the USA: AspenPhoto: Wikimedia

Aspen is not just one of America’s prime skiing destinations, but also one of the most vaunted worldwide. There is plenty of reason for that. The slopes are world-class, the views incredible and the ¬†is luxurious. If you want a get away from it all break, then this is a place well worth visiting. If you want to hit the slopes, it’s a real treat. If you want to enjoy great hotels, food and drink, then it’s even better.

There really is something for everyone in the USA. It’s no wonder that more than any other country in the world, this is a place where people don’t feel the need to leave the country to take a holiday.

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