They are one of the nature’s great displays: a mysterious, surreal, multi coloured sky show that appear on many bucket lists.  

Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis appear above the magnetic North Pole when it’s dark, skies are clear and The Sun is active. From the snow-enveloped wilderness of Siberia to the northernmost tip of Canada, it’s there in 8 countries you can see them dancing across the sky, reflecting hues of green and purple onto the snow below.

Inspired by the beauty of this wonderful phenomenon, Blix prepared a selection of destinations to travel to see nature’s light show for yourself. Pair this with a great hotel, and you’ve got a getaway like no other. Oh not to worry, we’ve already done that for you.

So pour yourself a cup of tea, cosy up, and get your wanderlust on!


Located just 40 miles from Anchorage, in the heart of the Alaskan wilderness, there is a famous ski resort called Hotel Alyeska. This Girdwood resort is nestled among the beautiful Chugach Mountains and surrounded by breathtaking scenery and wildlife. You can watch the Northern Lights from the hotel’s window in the luxurious resort, as well as experience top-rated ski trails, view stunning glaciers or observe exciting wildlife, only seconds away. Various winter activities, spa, restaurants, glacier hiking, white water rafting, dog sledding and incredibly beautiful Aurora show almost every night – all you need for an unforgettable moments together.

Northern Lights in Anchorage, Alaska

Photo Credit: @markpayton Flickr

Northern Lights over Alyeska Resort

Northern Lights over Alyeska Resort


In subarctic Canadian town of Whitehorse, there is a resort called Northern Lights, where you can contemplate the beauty of the northern latitudes over a cup of coffee from your terrace. Spend the day at Yukon’s year-round Mt Sima Alpine Adventure Park where you can ski, ride, bike and fly the mountain. And don’t forget the mulled wine and a blanket; they will keep you warm at night, while the Mother Nature will put on unforgettable display of Aurora Borealis.

Northern Lights in Yukon, Canada

Photo Credit: @yukonchris Flickr

Northern Lights in Yukon, Canada

Photo Credit: @keithmwilliams Flickr


Almost entirely covered with the snow, this is probably the most romantic island to visit in winter months. Greenland has a beautiful landscape with its colourful houses, bays, green rocky cliffs, snow-capped mountain ranges would capture the imagination of any traveler. 

Located on the UNESCO-listed Ilulissat Icefjord glacier, Arctic Hotel is 5 minutes drive away from Ilulissat airport. Experience Disko Bay views, a summertime terrace and Greenlandic cuisine at the gourmet Restaurant Ulo. But don’t go to sleep after dinner, because the true sky show will go on in the late evening hours!

Northern lights over Ilulissat, Greenland.

Photo Credit: Richard McManus Flickr

Hotel Arctic, Greenland

Photo Credit: @galyamorrell Flickr


A winter trip to Iceland will stay with you forever. Whether you are planning a long weekend in Reykjavik, or a road trip around Iceland, we know 2 spots with some of the best Auroral views. First one is located right in the heart of Reykjavik at the Icelander Hotel Reykjavik Marina, boasting its own cinema where you can watch Icelandic films or relax beside the fireplace in the lobby area. Enjoy a drink at Slippbarrinn, go whale watching or see art installations next door, at Reykjavik Art Museum. Still haven’t made up your mind? Click here to see some stunning photos from all around Iceland.

Reykjavik Northern Lights

Photo Credit: @judgephotocraft Flickr

Icelandair Hotel Marina

Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Marina

If you are looking for a quiet spot away from the city, look no further than Ion Luxury Adventure Hotel on Mount Hengill. Situated just 11 miles from UNESCO listed Thingvellir National Park, the hotel has some of the best scenic views over the lake Thingvallavatn for sky-gazers. 

Ion Luxury Adventure Hotel, Iceland

Ion Luxury Adventure Hotel, Iceland


Norway is a popular destination for Aurora seekers, and Svalbard is as north as you can get. It’s a group of islands in the Arctic Ocean about half way between continental Europe and the north pole. Longyearbyen, the world’s northernmost town is the largest settlement of Svalbard. Here in the heart of Arctic, Spitsbergen Hotel has a great view of Longyearbyen, the world’s northernmost town. It offers stunning views and awe-inspiring winter wonderland scenery, with polar bears, walruses, bearded seals and white whales. To explore the wilderness go dog sledding, or just borrow a kick sledge for a ride. Here in the heart of the Arctic, you will experience truly magnificient Aurora Borealis!

Spitsbergen Hotel

Spitsbergen Hotel


Swedish Lapland – is a great choice for Aurora hunters, because of it’s proximity to the magnetic north. Located deep within the Arctic Circle, the family-run hotel Camp Ripan in Kiruna offers some of the best opportunities to view the captivating Northern Lights. Whatever winter activities you have in your wish list – snowmobiling, dogsledding, ice fishing, horse riding – all available at Camp Ripan. And after an entire day outdoors, what could be better than relaxing in Aurora Spa and letting the day’s activities slowly melt away as you pamper yourself with a relaxing sauna bath, foot bath, beneficial spa products and a refreshing dip in the pool?

Camp Ripan, Kiruna, Norway

Camp Ripan, Kiruna, Norway


With its wild landscapes blanketed in snow Finnish Lapland offers one of the world’s best viewing spots, there are plenty of good reasons to take your Aurora quest to Finland. Located right at the edge of wilderness, stones away from Finland’s Urho Kekkonen National Park, Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort is family hotel in Finnish Lapland where you can watch the starts and the glow literally from the comford of your bed. Sleep beneath the starry skies and the Northern Lights and experience the tranquility of the glass igloos. Not enough? Well, they have log cabins, open fire and sauna too. And don’t forget to visit Santa’s home!

 Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, Finland

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, Finland


Russian winters are cold and you’ll definitely have to pack thermals if you go to Murmansk – the world’s largest city north of the Arctic Circle. Stay at the hotel ‘Azimut’, next to Central Park and try afternoon tea with delicious Russian sweets.

Northern Lights at lake Lovozero, Murmanks, Russia. Photo Credit: Flickr @evorinar

Northern Lights at lake Lovozero, Murmanks, Russia. Photo Credit: Flickr @evorinar

Now, we are feeling spoilt for choice. How about you? Which of these experiences would you enjoy the most?

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Click here to see the photos from our Icelandic adventure.

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