How To Make Your Workspace More User Friendly For Better Productivity

When you’re the head of a business, one thing you need to think about it how to ensure that your staff are working as productively as possible. This can be a difficult task if you’re working in a space that’s very uninspirational, or it might even be too distracting to work. This article is going to give you some of the best ways to make your workspace more user friendly for better productivity. How To Make Your Workspace More User Friendly For Better Productivity


Even though when you’re at work your main concentration should be on the task at hand, it can be difficult for someone to work if they don’t get on with another member of staff, are left out, or are a new member of staff that don’t quite know the ropes yet. Making sure that your staff build good working relationships is important for any workplace and it’s atmosphere. A tense atmosphere reduces productivity.

You can achieve a good atmosphere and working relationships by encouraging them to mingle on their breaks from work and even outside of work. A great idea to try is to take your staff out for a company meal. This way people will be more relaxed because they’re not at work and will hopefully form friendships.

Co-working Space

If you’re working within an office that’s closed off it can be difficult to communicate properly with each other. It can also be difficult to form good working relationships too, so changing the location of your workspace so that you’re now within a co-working space would help with productivity, atmosphere, and higher moral for your staff. Read the website of Grosvenor St Pauls co-working space for more information on renting a space where you can achieve this. Spaces like these often offer the use of a kitchen with tea and coffee, definitely an attractive bonus of moving your workspace to a new location!


Noise can be a very big factor contributing to people not working as efficiently as they could be. Wherever possible try to drown out any distracting noises from the workspace so that people can be as productive as possible. Consider using music (within reason), white noise, or even soundproofing your windows so that your staff can concentrate on the jobs they have at hand that day.

Personalised Workstations

Allowing your staff to personalise their work stations will make them feel more comfortable in the work setting. We spend countless hours at work each week, so why shouldn’t we feel comfort from a few personal belongings or photos of our loved ones on our desks?

Doing this will also show new prospective staff that your business is friendly and nice to work for. Many corporate businesses look the same when you enter the office and it seems monotonous for people interviewing.

Try using these four ideas in your workspace today and you will notice happier staff, increased productivity, and in general a much nicer place to work.