MOT Your Life: Making Sure You Go Forward With A Purpose


Every year you drag your car in for an MOT. It’s checked out and passed or failed, usually involving a massive quotation that makes you blanche at the sound of it. But we do it because it’s the law, and it’s the law because it’s a good idea. Sometimes, you need to root down deep into something so you can identify the problems and fix them.

Life is much the same. With work, social life, and other commitments, most of us just cruise along and wonder where the time has gone. We make decisions on the fly with little justification. If you haul your life through a personal MOT every so often, it may be a difficult conversation to have with yourself, but you can fix it.


MOT Your Life: Making Sure You Go Forward With A Purpose

Analyse your personal relationships. Is there one friend that you cringe upon hearing from, or an ex you just can’t get over? With time a precious commodity, we should only put the time into sustaining relationships that are good for us. We’ve all had a toxic relationship or a “friend” who is nothing of the sort, so consider if you want these in your life.


MOT Your Life Making Sure You Go Forward With A Purpose

Successful women are constantly evaluating where they are and where they are going. We all need to know the direction we’re travelling in. Look at where you are and consider where you want to be. Are you on course for it? If you are, can you speed it up? And if you’re not, how do you fix it? Set yourself on your path.


It’s time to bust the figures and make sure everything is running as it should be. Don’t pay interest on debts if you can shift to one of the many 0% deals running. Check and see if you are getting the best interest rate on your savings. Look at your utilities and insurances, use comparison sites or visit for quotation if you’re thinking of age-specific products.

With your mobile phone, a contract where you pay for the phone monthly may seem a good idea, but may end up being more expensive. Investigate your options and go to your current provider and ask for a better deal. If they don’t offer it, then be prepared to switch.

Health and Well Being

MOT Your Life: Making Sure You Go Forward With A Purpose

Go for a yearly checkup with a doctor just to make sure everything is as it should be. Question if you are getting enough sleep and if you have the energy to do the things you want to do. If you have bad habits – like reading your phone in bed – then endeavour to fix them. Calculate your daily calorie and alcohol intake and see if they fall within guidelines.

Sometimes, doing the above might not paint a pretty picture. If might require a lot of work to rectify – but that’s okay! Better you know the areas that you need to work on than continuing in a damaging way. By doing it all at once, you can feel proactive, which is in itself beneficial. Don’t be afraid to see the worst, because it’ll only help you get the best.

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