Moving Abroad: Things You Can’t Leave Until The Last Minute!

Many of us have, in the past, dreamed of moving to another country to live out our dreams. For the majority, this doesn’t actually ever end up happening, and they stay firmly put on home ground. But that being said, there are still 1.2 million British people currently living overseas in other EU states. If you’d like to be one them, there are a few things you’ll need to consider before making your big move.


The most exciting part of moving abroad is definitely the packing – oh, and looking dreamily at pictures of your new home on the internet. Let’s face it, no one likes doing their taxes. But, it’s an integral part of you moving your whole life overseas, and it’s much better to sort it out before you actually make the move. A common misconception is that once you move abroad, you will stop paying British tax and national insurance. This may be true in some circumstances, but if you have a property or a business still running in the UK, you will still be responsible for its tax, wherever you are. Then, you will need to approach the local government in your new country and find out how you can pay your taxes into their system too.


Living in another country, you will be subject to their rules and regulations. Sounds simple enough – but depending on where you are moving to, crimes and their punishments can be very different to the UK. For example, some acts that a British person would deem trivial are classed as criminal offences in other countries. Eastern and Western cultures also have very different laws and views on what is accepted culturally. It is always best to familiarize yourself with the legal system of whatever country you are moving to, just in case anything should happen. Contacting an overseas solicitor such as GB Abogados will also help you should you come into any difficulty.

Moving Abroad Things You Can't Leave Until The Last Minute!


In our culture, our pets are our best friends. We feed them, we nurture them and we love them like they were our children. It comes as no surprise then, that so many people take their pets with them when the move overseas. The thought of leaving them behind, is, of course, heartbreaking. But unfortunately, isn’t quite as simple as just popping them on the plane seat next to you. Your pet will need to be micro-chipped if it isn’t already, and will need to have a number of vaccinations including rabies. You may also need to speak to your pet insurance provider about how the move may affect your policy.


If your move abroad is only a temporary one, such as for a few months, you will be able to use your EHIC card to access medical care, if you need any. If you are making a permanent move, you will need to integrate to the local healthcare system as if you were a regular citizen. Be aware that not many other countries have a social welfare system, so you may need to pay for all your healthcare.

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