The Key to Building Unwavering Self Confidence

It isn’t just people like Beyonce who have unwavering self confidence. Regular people can have this kind of confidence too. What many don’t realize though, is that it can take time to build. Sure, some people are born and grow up confident. Many don’t. Many had to take time and…

The Employment Tribunal Facts That Could Help You in Your Career

The Employment Tribunal Facts That Could Help You in Your Career

No one likes to think that they will end up in an employment tribunal in the future. It’s not something that any employee or employer wants. But sometimes there are irreconcilable differences between the two parties and one of them needs to pursue justice. If you’ve never been involved in…

Les Trois Vallées, France.

Parlez-Vous Francais? If You Don’t Love France Yet, You Will Soon

There are few countries that have the ability to inspire opinions in people the way France does. Certainly there are some who have a pretty negative attitude towards it, but there are more who have the opposite opinion. For everyone who complains about the food and the people, there are…


Do you actually need a qualification to succeed?

An age old question that gets asked again and again is whether qualifications are the be all and end all of career success. Or whether other factors can sometimes be just as, or more, important than them. Below, we’ve delved a little deeper into this question, so that you know…


KAREN MILLEN AW16 Collection + Special Offer

Luxury high street favourite, Karen Millen’s AW16 collection hits the stores this month. While you will find all your favourite Karen Millen staples, from elegant dresses to statement bags, there is also an injection of this season’s must have trends. Think animal prints, subtle ruffles, midi-lengths and higher necks… these…


How to choose a course that fits you

  From when we’re just five years old, we’re asked again and again what we want to be when we grow up. Most of us go through lots of different phases. We tend to start off wanting to be a princess or a pirate, and then going on to choose…