This Summer Make An Ethical Sunglasses Choice with PALA

As we welcome the warmer months with open arms, so too begins the search for the perfect eye gear, an item comprising both practicality and style. 

As global citizens of a consumer led society, it goes without saying that we should make this choice wisely. But, what if we could make this annual decision a conscious one, one that is beneficial for both ourselves and for those in need?

PALA Sunglasses

PALA’s sunglasses are at the heart of this very sentiment and it is their ethical ethos that makes them a standout brand. Their vision to alleviate a universal problem whilst also providing a product of upmost quality and affordability is unwavering. Poor eyesight effects a staggering 10% of our world’s population. 

However, working with Vision Aid Overseas, PALA is making a difference one pair of sunglasses at a time. Included in the brand’s mission is their commitment to three criteria: ‘classic design with an edge’ through working an exceptional design team, ‘superior quality material and construction’ through their use of high-quality acetate and ‘excellent value for money’ with each pair priced at only £45.

Most brands stop here, but PALA pushes the envelope with cohesive, effective processes motivated by the founder John Pritchard’s ethical consciousness. His desire to effect change in problem communities drives his ambition that with each pair of sunglasses sold, much needed grants are provided to create vision centres, dispensaries and screening programmes in Africa. With each project or programme providing a cost per patient seen, PALA can calculate the necessary donation required from each sale to match the cost of the underprivileged patient. This in turn fulfills their unique ‘buy-give’ promise.

Pala wayfarer sunglassesPALA ensures their message is consistent and effective in all areas of design. As we know, a good pair of sunglasses needs a case to protect them in.  Each pair of PALA sunglasses comes with a case that is hand crafted by basket weavers from the Upper East region of Bolgatanga. Each is traceable to one of three rural communities through the distinction of colour stripes laced into the material. The cases themselves are woven from plastic, plastic that in a former life was a plastic bag or water sachet, helping to address the issue of waste, one that affects us all in our world today. 

When you choose to purchase a pair of PALA sunglasses, you are actively choosing to promote and support a fashionable, sustainable and conscious message that works towards fortifying a better wellbeing for communities in need.

PALA sunglasses are £45 each and are now exclusively available at and from