How to pick a perfect winter coat

The frosty season is upon us and we have put together a few tips to help you to choose a perfect winter coat to keep you warm and stylish. For most people it is one of the biggest investments of the season.

With wide selection of winter coats and jackets, it is very easy to get confused and purchase something that catches your eye at first sight. However, you may end up thinking ‘do I really need it?’ the next day.

Read on for the key tips to finding your ideal winter coat.

Consider your lifestyle.

The trick to picking a perfect winter coat is first to match it to your lifestyle. You may want something that is going to fit your daily activities. If you are spending most of your time in office environment, you would be better off with a classic wool coat. If you are a busy mum whose day includes school runs, walking out the dogs, taking care of the house you may prefer to purchase a sporty parka. If you are a social type whose weekends are all about going out and parties, choose something with elements that will stand out (for example, a trench coat).

Know your budget.

Its best to determine your budget prior to going to shops or exploring online. This way it will be easier to narrow down your choices.

Consider the weather in your city.

If the area where you live has abundant snowfall you need a coat that is well insulated and water resistant.

Pick a good fit.

Remember that you will wear a layer underneath and tie a scarf around neck, therefore you need a slightly looser winter coat to accommodate those.

Choose a color that compliments you.

You need to choose a colour that fits you best. Neutral colours suit most people and literally go with any other colour in the wardrobe.