Procrastination: How You Can Make It Work For You

Bored of studying or work? When we get bored of spending hours in front of a computer screen, it’s super easy for our minds to wander. You’ll find that you often end up checking social media or scrolling through sites like Buzzfeed. However, there are plenty of ways you can start making procrastination work for you. It doesn’t have to be about wasting time! Interested to know how to procrastinate productively? Read on!

Procrastination. How You Can Make It Work For You

Watch A TED Talk

I’m sure most of us will have spent hours going from YouTube video to YouTube video. Well, instead of wasting time watching music videos or cat videos, you could do something useful like watching the latest TED Talk. These highly informative talks are always given by leading industry experts. They cover a variety of topics ranging from science to religion and from history to future technology. If you are currently studying, it could be useful to try and find one related to your course.

Look For New Courses

Thinking of quitting your job and going back to studying? Or maybe you feel that you’re ready to take on a course alongside your full-time job. Whatever the reason, you could spend ten minutes while you try to work looking for a new course to enrol on. There are now loads of online courses that you can study from the comfort of your home. And the range of courses is continually widening. Maybe you want to spend your spare time learning a language or honing your culinary skills? No matter what you are looking for, there will certainly be a course to suit you!

Clean Your Room

If you are putting off starting a new project or coursework essay, it could be a good idea to step away from your computer screen for a few minutes. Getting up and walking around is such an easy way to feel refreshed quickly and ready for work again. But what to do during this small break? Why not quickly go through your bedroom and clear away and mess. Quickly tidy it up before you get back to work. You’ll feel like you’ve killed two birds with one stone!

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Read The News Headlines

When was the last time you took notice of what was going on in the world? It’s important to keep on top of politics, both nationally and internationally. After all, it has a direct impact on your life, even if you don’t always notice it. So next time you find your mind wandering while you are working, take a quick look at the news headlines. If you do this every day, you will soon have a great background knowledge of everything that is going on in the world!

Create A Playlist For Work

Can’t seem to focus? No problem; simply spend a few minutes creating a new Spotify playlist to work to. Think about including ambient music that won’t distract you. If you get your choice of tunes right, you’ll find that your motivation and productivity increase!