Profit From Your Passion With These Careers In Fashion

Profit From Your Passion With These Careers In Fashion

Many of you out there love fashion and working on your individual style. But have you ever thought of starting a career in it? If you have a passion for fashion, then maybe it’s time to look for a job in the fashion industry. High-profile jobs are hugely competitive. But there are many different ways to make money from your interest in fashion.

All of these jobs take different skills and talents, but all revolve around an interest in fashion. Additionally, some of them can be done at home and grown into careers. Here are some ideas for careers in the fashion industry.

Fashion Writer

Love fashion? Then write about it. Many fashion magazines offer positions for staff writers who show they can write about their passion well. You might even want to try and get an internship at a big fashion magazine like Vogue or Elle.

These positions can be competitive, but magazine writing isn’t your only option. In fact, many people make money by writing for fashion blogs. There are many which accept user submissions, so get writing and start emailing.

You could even start your own fashion blog! Starting a blog is easy with sites like WordPress. You can potentially make a lot of money from advertising and sponsorships if you build an audience.


Ever been disappointed by what’s on offer in your favorite clothing stores? Think you could pick the right items for each season better? Perhaps being a buyer is your calling. Fashion store buyers analyze fashion trends to decide which items make it to the racks.

Many fashion retailers have buyer positions. You may want to look online to find a buyer job. You may need to start as an intern. There’s a lot of room for promotion, and senior buyers get lucrative salaries.

You can’t just pick your favorite clothes, though. You’ll need to pay attention to customer demand, pricing, and stock the best outfits for the season. If you know fashion well, it’s a suitable job for you.


Much like writing, fashion photography is something that relies on your individual skill. If you’re a keen photographer, you should turn your talents to fashion photography.

You could start by taking photo shoots of your friends in stylish clothes. Build up a portfolio on sites like Facebook and Instagram to start advertising your services. People might start hiring you for their own photo shoots!

Working your way to the top can be hard. But if you show you can take great photos, you may be able to start a studio or even apply to agencies and magazines.

Fashion Designer

If you have a creative touch, you might even want to design clothing and footwear yourself. Prominent fashion designers gain huge financial rewards for their work, but it can take years to build up a career.

It relies on skills such as sketching, textiles and using CAD software. It’s worth getting a degree to start learning about the industry and gaining the skills you need.

It can be tough to get into, but many people follow this passion. You might want to look online at how other fashion designers built their brand to get inspiration.