Why Qualified Candidates Don’t Get Jobs

The idea that qualified candidates should get jobs seems to make a lot of sense. After all, that’s why we all do loads of training and education, right? Well, unfortunately, it’s not that simple. These days employers have plenty of choices when it comes to who they take on. Like it or not, employment rates among young people are still running low meaning they’ve got a lot less bargaining power. Employers won’t just take the candidate that did the best in school. They can now afford to be picky and take the person with the best all-around offering.

Here’s where the problems start or most well-qualified graduates. Sure, they’ve got the qualifications. But they don’t have the rest of the package employers want. So what are today’s hard-to-please employers looking for? And what are potential candidates doing to ruin their chances of getting a job?

1. You Aren’t Bothering To Do Research

Most graduates will go to a job search site and type in their keywords for their particular area of experience. Then a bunch of results will come up. The best candidates then read the description of the job and do a little research on the company. But the majority are impatient and don’t bother. Instead, they fire up a CV and send it off to any many companies as possible. The technical name for this tactic is the scattergun approach.

But there’s a catch. Getting a job isn’t based on random luck or blind probability. It’s based on your interaction with the company at interview. Candidates are liable to be asked, “what is it that this company does?” This is designed to test whether the candidate actually cares about the job they’re applying for. When candidates don’t know about the wider company, employers wonder how on Earth they know they’re a good fit. Not knowing details, like the company’s goals, is a surefire way to give the job away to the next candidate.

2. You’ve Got A Bad Reputation Online

It might be called social media, but the “social” element is becoming increasingly less important. It’s the “media” part you need to be concerned about. When you broadcast your life all over the internet, there’s nothing to stop future employers from checking you out. They know that your social media profile is probably a more accurate reflection of who you are than what you say at the interview.

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A recent Workopolis Survey revealed just how important social media is becoming to recruiting. According to the survey, 48 percent of employers check out social media before taking somebody on. One company in the survey turned down a candidate because he was only wearing a sock in his profile picture, and nothing else. Consider yourself warned.

3. You Stink

Smokers often light up just before going to interview to help calm their nerves. But smoking is a big problem, especially if your interviewers are nonsmokers. If you go to the interview after a cigarette, you’ll smell. And if you smell, you’re liable to put people off. The same goes if you haven’t had a wash or you’re wearing too much perfume.

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George Austin