The Silly Things We All Do When We Have Learnt To Love Keeping Fit – Any Sound Familiar?

The Silly Things We All Do When We Have Learnt To Love Keeping Fit - Any Sound Familiar?

We hear all the time about getting and staying fit is so important. If you’re reading that sentence and thinking: great, here we go again, being told to be healthy – then keep reading.

We’re going to assume you know that. The information is everywhere and reinforced to us across a thousand different channels. There is nowhere near as much focus on those of us who have conquered the mountain and come out on top. We’re fit; we keep fit; the habit is ingrained, and we’re proud of ourselves.

So what happens next? We’re not converts anymore; we’re dedicated addicts – and this is one we don’t want to quit. Yet we still fall into the same patterns; if you’re a dedicated health nut, then some of the below might sound eerily familiar…

1. We Lose Patience With People Who Complain About Exercise

We like to think we’re good people, don’t we? Then a friend begins to moan about the need for exercise. They might even call it boring. And this is the same friend you were listening to drone on about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Yet you’re boring. Keeping fit is boring. Excuse me while I roll my eyes out of my head.  

2. We Begin To Rethink Our Career Choices

When you have got to this point, exercise isn’t just a hobby anymore. Our career choices begin to come under scrutiny. You find yourself idly Googling personal trainer courses and wondering if that’s your true calling. After all, you’re stuck behind a desk most of the time in your current work. Imagine going to the gym and getting paid for it! That’s the dream.

3. We Get Obsessive About Workout Clothes

Once upon a time, the idea of spending money on something just to get it covered in sweat was bizarre. Now, we can’t help ourselves. We don’t technically need another bra top or pair of trainers, but these are investments in our health. In fact, you’ve got a whole wardrobe full of “investments in your health”, haven’t you?

4. Shopping Is A Nightmare

You know what you will and won’t eat and the things that can have a detrimental impact on your health. That’s great! Except for when it comes to shopping. You can’t just walk around throwing things in your basket anymore. Every nutrient label has to be checked, calculated and considered. As for convenience foods, that’s an aisle in the supermarket you have not graced with your presence in years.

5. Eating Out Is Not Much Easier

Some restaurants carry nutrient guidelines on their menus, but the vast majority don’t. So you have two options, ignore the health implications, eat what you want and feel rubbish for the next week. Or two, go for the salad. Maybe even the side salad, with a side salad on the side. And what’s in that dressing?

It can all be a little inconvenient and cause minor issues in your friendships, but this is your religion now.

So long as you’re smart, embrace this side of you – you’re literally the better for it.