Skateboarding: Why It’s Not Just For Kids

Skateboarding: Why It's Not Just For KidsPhoto: pixabay

If you’re looking for a way of spending more time outside while also improving your fitness, then look no further. Skateboarding could be the answer to all your prayers. It allows you to travel, burn calories and learn new skills while also being fun. However, many adults don’t consider skateboarding a viable hobby for them to take up. Many consider it to be an activity that only kids and teenagers can enjoy. The fear of falling is also a big turn off for many. There’s no denying that you may fall and that some kids will be better than you. But that shouldn’t stop you from trying. If you’re still unsure, here are some reasons why more adults should grab their boards and start skateboarding.

It’s a great form of exercise

Skateboarding is an excellent form of exercise, particular for those who want to strengthen their core. As it relies heavily on balance, skateboarding can give the muscles in your torso an extensive workout. This can help you achieve the toned stomach you’ve always wanted, while also helping to protect your organs. You may also find that your posture improves too. To move your skateboard, you also need to use your leg muscles to push yourself forward. This can help to burn calories while also toning and strengthening your legs. There are also plenty of health benefits you can gain from skateboarding outside. The fresh air can help to boost your immune system and Vitamin D from the sun can keep your bones and muscles healthy.

It can be done almost anywhere

Unlike many outdoor activities, skateboarding can be done practically anywhere you like. You don’t need to travel to the gym or book a time at a sports field or court. All you need is a hard, smooth surface and your board. Your back yard could be ideal or perhaps there’s a skate park near to your home. Even skateboarding on the roads and sidewalks can be an option. You also aren’t limited by how long you can do it for. You can do it for hours after work or just fit a quick ride in during your lunch hour. This enhanced freedom will make you want to do it more and also makes it easy to fit into your busy schedule.

It doesn’t have to be painful

As you familiarize yourself with balancing and skating, you’re bound to fall off your board a few times. But often many people fear the pain from a fall, rather than the fall itself. While some falls are unavoidable, skateboarding doesn’t have to be painful. You can wear knee sleeves, elbow pads, and helmets to protect you from a hard surface. Long sleeved tops and thick jeans can also provide some protection. Skateboarding clothing and equipment comes in an array of styles, brands, and colors. So you can fall without hurting yourself and also look cool too.

So as you can see, skateboarding isn’t just for kids. It’s something that all ages can enjoy and use to get fit and stay healthy. So ditch your car and get on your board to see for yourself just how incredible skateboarding can be.

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